Crossword Puzzle #8
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"The Great Enterprise" (Episode #8)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Canada's first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, was given this additional title on July 1st, 1867 (See #41A for a Related Clue)
4. Grad letters
7. Then
9. Boat in the Bible
12. Bulwer-Lytton heroine
13. * He said: "The one thing needed for Canada is to rub down all sharp angles, and to remove those asperities which divide our people on questions of origin and religion..." (2 words)
16. * An article added to it gave special rights to English Protestants (2 words)
18. * Governor General Monck promoted the Militia Bill which was introduced in Parliament in 1862, and called for the creation of a Canadian what?
19. Small herring processed like a sardine
20. Capital of Tanzania: ___-es-Salaam
21. "Step on it!"
22. Haloed ones, for short
23. * One of the Province of Canada delegates at the Charlottetown Conference of September, 1864
24. * In 1861, at the start of the American Civil War, this Royal Mail Carrier headed to Britain with two Confederate agents on board who sought European support for their cause
27. Look! ___ and Behold!
28. "The Partridge Family" (TV) name
29. Promissory note
31. Group of countries on the other side of the Atlantic (Acronym)
32. * Like John A. Macdonald's bed one night during his stay at the Westminster Palace Hotel (2 words)
35. * George Brown's slogan, for short (3 words)
38. Silver five-franc piece
39. Lasting, minus the "able"
40. Madame West
41. * JULY 1ST, 1867 marks when this new name of the union of the British North American colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Canada ("Canada" referring to an earlier union of Lower Canada and Upper Canada, on February 10th, 1841) started to be used: ___ of Canada
44. * GREEN ISLE to GROSSE ÎLE: It led the Irish peasantry to emigrate from their homeland to the new land of Canada (See #65A for a Related Clue)
46. In operation
47. McGillis or Preston, to pals
48. Info requested on a job application, for short
49. Introducer of an alternative
50. * Like the Prince of Wales who visited British North America, in 1860
53. Cut of meat
55. TV Tube
57. Geological time
58. Mercedes letters
59. * They busily prepared Lobster Lunches for the delegates at the Charlottetown Conference
61. Voyaging in a Vessel
63. * Railway that constructed the Victoria Bridge across the Saint Lawrence River at Montréal (2 words)
65. * Disparaging term for vessel Irish families sailed on to get to Canada during the 1840s #44A migration (2 words)
67. Comment made to a Celebrity: "Give your big ___ shake." (2 words)
68. * John A. Macdonald never got over the death of his first son John (who died at the age of 13 months, in 1848) and kept the child's ___ box as a reminder until his own death almost 50 years later
69. The 13th letter of the Greek alphabet
70. Leaning, without the "lt"
71. Tailor-make


1. * It might have been hollered out by a host or hostess in order to get the Charlottetown delegates to come to lunch (2 words)
2. Sluggish
3. Ms. McEntire's namesakes
4. Roman Numerals for 1600
5. * While many in the new #41A were happy about JULY 1ST, some in Halifax, Nova Scotia must have thought it was a ___ (2 words) and burned a live rat at the waterfront, in protest
6. * Exclamation that may have been made by a newcomer to Canada: "Mother, look! It's ___ Canadian beaver!" (2 words)
7. Sound in a word (abbr.)
8. Sacred Sound
9. Harmonize
10. Sleep activity, often
11. Lock unlocker
12. Smartness indicators, for short
14. * One of the Fathers of Confederation
15. Narnia castle, with "Paravel"
17. Smash for Spielberg
21. * Via the underground railroad, she helped slaves from the States escape to Canada for a chance at freedom (First initial, Last name)
23. Golly follower
25. Prefix that means "New"
26. * He became the Premier of Nova Scotia, in 1864
27. * Final changes to the #61D were negotiated at a Conference held here, in December of 1866
28. * Canada's future first Prime Minister once said that voters would rather have a ___ John A. Macdonald than a sober George Brown
30. Kind of art
33. Like some French nouns, briefly
34. "Here" in French
35. Campaign
36. Edible tuber
37. * Locale of the Charlottetown Conference, for short
39. * At the Charlottetown Conference, there were many people and many things --including thirteen thousand ___ worth of champagne
42. Lennon's Love
43. In other words, for short
44. Kind of Keel
45. * Clandestine Comments at the Charlottetown Conference: "I do ___ when I can see you again, my darling. I must return to the Province of Canada in the morning." (2 words)
48. * The final stage in the passage of the #61D was to have Queen Victoria ___ (2 words)
51. Heavily built
52. Baker's output
54. City in Nebraska
55. Apple parts
56. * Party led by Antoine-Aimé Dorion
59. Hartford's locale on an env.
60. Style of music
61. * Colonial Secretary, Lord Carnarvon, supervised the drafting of the British North America ___
62. Sault Ste. Marie Canals, popularly: ___ Canals
63. Antelope of Africa
64. Printing letters
66. Trendy


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