Crossword Puzzle #6
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"The Pathfinders" (Episode #6)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * The Man Who Looks at Stars (a.k.a. David Thompson) explored and surveyed the vast Canadian landscape, and then created these
5. * Collection of rules imposed on Canada's colonists
8. * Montréal merchant who was a partner in the North West Company which eventually merged with the Hudson's Bay Company, in 1821: James ___
13. "To you" in French (2 words)
14. Suffix for "But" or "Oct"
15. Org. for drivers
16. Three-toed sloth
17. * Mostly from Scotland, they became the first European farmers to build a new life on the Canadian prairies, beginning in 1812 (2 words)
21. Bradley's, Kroft's, Rooney's, Safer's and Wallace's co-worker
22. * Pass which was traversed by David Thompson and his expedition en route to the Columbia which led to the Pacific Ocean
23. Time period, for short
24. Mad Cow Disease letters
25. Three-piece suit item
26. * While their husbands were out on hunting expeditions, country wives in Canada's interior would ___ with chores on the farm (2 words)
29. * Mode of attack against a foe, during Canada's early history
31. Sound System: Hi-___
33. These three words relate to the first person
34. Heard in a Music Store: "Hi, I'm lookin' for ___ classic album Appetite for Destruction. D'ya have it?"
35. "Grandfather" in Latin
37. * Something that might have been said, circa 1782: "I'll give you my new snowshoes if you can ___ of those castors, over there. But, don't kill them. I'm going to keep them as beaver pets." (2 words)
39. * With his flamboyant brother-in-law, Pierre Esprit Radisson, this coureur de bois helped to found the Hudson's Bay Company, in 1670: Médard ___ des Groseilliers
41. Mr. Potato Head stick-ons
42. Shred
44. Exclamations over the Saturday paper: "That's it! I'm writing that Landers lady! I'll ask ___ give us advice on our marriage!" (2 words)
45. Compass point
46. * Ending to "Canadi"
47. * Loud utterance (Made by an adventurer's country wife while giving birth)
48. Men's aftershave
50. Played
52. * Popular food grain, throughout Canada's history, minus the "ts"
53. * The young, strong French Canadians who paddled from Québec in canoes to the interior in search of adventure and opportunity
56. Short composition for a solo instrument
59. * In 1771, it was named by Samuel Hearne who was on a metal-finding expedition in the Barren Lands which was led by the Dene leader, Matonabbee (2 words)
61. Dr.'s assistant
62. Suffix to "Benedict"
63. Conger or Moray
64. "Jurassic Park" (1993) name
65. Rubbed the old paint off
66. * CHOO! CHOO! Beginning in the late 1840s, Canadians began to dream of one (for short) that could transport them across their vast land
67. Celtic language


1. * BRRR!! Something probably encountered by Alexander Mackenzie when he was exploring the area north towards the Arctic, with "Ice"
2. * PASS THE SALT! When muskox were hunted down in times of little or no food, explorers in the interior would often be so starved, they simply ___ (3 words)
3. * David Thompson noted that if one was spotted, the Indian rule was to pass it by with a steady step while pretending not to notice it (2 words)
4. Member of a monotheistic religion founded in the Punjab
5. Spirit of an ancient Roman household
6. "Puppy Love" singer Paul, and others
7. * Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de la Vérendrye, had an obsession. It was to find a route to the hypothetical "Great ___ Sea" which was believed to be in the interior, leading into the Pacific Ocean.
8. * With #8A and other Montréal businessmen, he was a partner in the North West Company: Simon ___
9. Padded Place for a Particular Pet
10. Posh Parties
11. * Deciduous conifer tree in western Canada, minus the "h"
12. Bonet or Hartman
18. French pronoun
19. Interjection for hosers
20. Founded, for short
24. Not later than
26. * BUG OFF! Things left behind by the irksome mosquitoes that surveyor David Thompson wrote all about in his journal
27. Officials at Blue Jays games in T.O.
28. Friendly acronym used in an e-mail regarding a meeting set for the next day
30. Pinball Place, minus the "de"
31. * The success of the Hudson's Bay Company relied on them (2 words)
32. Heard in an English-as-a-Second-Language Class: "The way to say jouet in English ___." (2 words)
34. Toughie
35. Your uncle's wife
36. * It served as the headquarters for the Columbia district of the Hudson's Bay Company: Fort ___
38. * What #31D like Daniel Harmon did in their distant outposts from September to May
40. The headquarters for this gr. (which promotes peace and economic security for its members) is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
43. * George Simpson, the Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, had a dog named Boxer. What type of breed was it?
46. Mr. O'Neill
47. Light switch position
48. Spin-Off, without the "roduct"
49. * Fast water on a river often encountered by #53A
51. Restoration Remark: "It's ___ looking now as the day I bought it!" (2 words)
53. TV Tapers
54. The daughter of #46D
55. Hesitant sound
56. Clooney's former gig
57. * In search of a route to the Pacific Ocean in 1793, the explorer Alexander Mackenzie was guided by native peoples to a salt water channel. ___ marks on the rocks proved that it did lead to the Pacific.
58. Sea eagle (var. sp.)
60. Cathedral City


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