Crossword Puzzle #4
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"Battle for a Continent" (Episode #4)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Montcalm's nemesis
6. * In July of 1759, across from Québec, the British had entrenched their heavy weaponry here: ___ de Lévy
12. Plea for quiet
14. * #1A was of the opinion that Canada only yielded one good month of decent weather ___ (2 words)
15. * By the early 18th century, a ___ of European immigrants was settling in Québec
16. Suffix to "Siber"
17. * In 1759, the main defence works downriver from Québec were here (3 words)
20. 24 hr. banker
21. Initials of an American First Lady
22. Present
23. Oscar winner Jannings
26. Top
29. * In the cold, dark months following the raising of the British flag (on September 18th, 1759) near the top of Mountain Street in Québec, this is what the diets of the Canadians (and the British soldiers who remained in Québec) consisted of: Rotting ___
32. Philander
33. * After New England forces captured Louisbourg in 1745, this agreement restored the fortified colony to France in 1748 (But, ten years later, Louisbourg would be captured again, by the British): Treaty of Aix ___ Chapelle
34. Sturgeon Stuff
35. Hawaiian island, minus the "hu"
36. Name from "The Partridge Family" (TV)
37. * Battle of Ste. Foy, April 28th, 1760: The French army of General Lévis was able to deal a severe blow to the British army when General Murray ordered his soldiers to leave the high ground, with the result that a British ___ into the spongy Spring ground, which left Murray's soldiers toiling in the muck. Then, after hours of intense fighting, the French were victorious. (2 words)
40. "More" in Music
41. * It was customary for opposing Generals to follow the European military etiquette of exchanging gifts, such as ___ of cheese or spruce boughs or bottles of wine
42. Ending to "Eukary"
43. * The "Butte à Neveu" (located on #44D) was where French General Montcalm marched his troops in anticipation of battle with the British. What was it? (3 words)
45. Burning Bellow: ___ de Coeur
46. * The British siege of Québec began during the night (of this weekday, for short) of July 12th, 1759 (See #45D for a Related Clue)
47. * In July of 1763, to combat the allied forces of the First Nations, British Colonel Henry Bouquet decided to send pieces of a smallpox-infected Blanket in a ___ to an Ottawa delegation at Fort Pitt. He later wrote that by sending germs instead of soldiers to do the killing, he had "saved the lives of better men."
48. Sports org.
49. Giant
51. * In the Spring of 1759, it's what the French General Louis-Joseph, the Marquis de Montcalm, wrote from Québec in his last letter to his wife in France: "I would renounce every honour to join you again; but the King must be obeyed. The moment when I see you once more will be the brightest of my life. Adieu, my ___! I believe that I love you more than ever."
53. Heard whilst reading the Saturday Paper: "I placed this ___ I could sell my car." (2 words)
55. Item at a Mexican fast food restaurant
56. * www.cbc.___/history
57. Not up, for short
58. American flying regulator, briefly
60. * They were on the British side of the ferocious fighting at #44D (2 words)
67. Canadian-born actress Mary Pickford founded this org.
68. Heard on a DiCaprio film set: "___ if he's ready yet, will ya?" (2 words)
69. Wishy-Washy
70. * Many of the British attacks on Québec took place when the clock was in the what hrs.?
71. * In planning to recapture Québec, General François-Gaston de Lévis sent word to France (in the Winter of 1760) to send 4,000 more troops and... "If the King decides not to give us any help, I must warn you that you will no longer be able to count on us at the end of May. We will be obliged to surrender out of ___ since we are lacking everything."
72. * Upon the discovery of an unflattering sketch made of him (by British Brigadier George Townshend), #1A said this: "If ___, this shall be inquired into; but we must beat the enemy first." (2 words)


1. Gently blew
2. Popeye's sweetie: Olive ___
3. Rural area
4. * How #1A was wounded at #44D
5. Formerly, formerly
6. Acronym on a Sales Receipt
7. System of placing money on the horses, for short
8. Goodnight Girl
9. At hand
10. The 19th letter of the Greek alphabet
11. * Britain and France, for example
12. * In 1768, when this General succeeded James Murray as the Governor of Québec, he began to push for the passage of the #52D: ___ Guy Carleton (b.1724 - d.1808)
13. * Bonnet (Item worn by a soldier in the #60A)
18. Doctors' org. in the States
19. Lennon's Love
24. * Comment made by King George II about #1A when he heard of an incident at a dinner party (hosted by British Prime Minister William Pitt) in which the Brigadier used his sword to pantomime the slashing of imaginary enemies (3 words)
25. Section of the small intestine
27. * What British and French troops would often do in Europe ...and in Canada
28. * What budding American statesman Benjamin Franklin said of the #52D: "It appears to me the greatest stake that was ever played for, no less than whether Americans, and their endless generations shall enjoy the common rights of ___, or to be worse than Eastern slaves; the trial must now come to issue as 'open war' is declared by... the Québec Bill."
29. Pros Foes
30. * In the Spring of 1763, this Chief of the Ottawas rejected the idea that the British regime should control the fate of his people, so he organized an alliance of Huron, Ojibway and Potawatomi to capture various English forts in the interior, including the biggest, Fort Detroit (See #47A for a Related Clue)
31. Japanese drink (var. sp.)
34. Unit of weight used in some Islamic countries
37. Type of oxide
38. Carter and Gwyn
39. Main artery
40. * After six hours of climbing rocky cliffs through the night, an unfortified one allowed the British troops to reach #44D, by five o'clock in the morning on September 13th, 1759
41. Record blemish
44. * Farmer's-Field-turned-Bloody-Battleground: The Plains of ___
45. * What Abbé Jean-Félix Recher wrote about the British attack on Québec: "...the gunfire and the bombardment... terrorized the whole town... the women with their children, in great numbers near the ___, were continually in tears, wailing and praying: they huddled together and said the rosary."
50. * These were sported by some of the soldiers fighting in the French army: ___-___-Guerre (2 words)
52. * Québec ___: British statute passed in 1774 which guaranteed the Canadians rights to their religion, restored French civil law and allowed them to hold public office. It also upheld the Seigneurial System of land ownership.
53. Slant
54. One Kind connecter (2 words)
57. Cartoonist Browne, and others
59. Not in favour of
60. Carbonated Content in a Can
61. * At #44D, to unnerve the enemy army, it's approximately when the British artillery began firing, on Sept. 13th, 1759
62. Empress Dowager of China: Tz'u ___ (b.1835 - d.1908)
63. Not him
64. "The Thin Man" (1934) name
65. Prefix that means "Upon"
66. * In June of 1759, the warship Neptune (guided by the newly appointed General at #1A who was returning to Canada from Britain) led a fleet of more than 200 Royal Navy ships that stretched for one hundred miles up the St. Lawrence ___ (Abbr.)


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