Crossword Puzzle #3
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"Claiming the Wilderness" (Episode #3)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Domain of the "Neutral French"
6. Legendary rap group: Run-___
9. Therapy for an Injury, minus the "Phy"
12. Box seat sections of Opera Houses
13. * After four years of exploration, ___ René-Robert Cavelier de la Salle became the first Frenchman to reach the Gulf of Mexico over land. He claimed Louisiana in the name of France on April 9, 1682.
15. Nocturnal birds, minus the "O"
16. Cartoon lightbulbs
17. Unit of time, for short
18. * Heard in Montréal, circa 1730: "Anyone up for a horse race at full gallop down the ___?"
20. * The mighty Chief of the Hurons who on his last day of life supported the Great Peace of 1701 (See #45A for a Related Clue)
23. * According to the French Jesuit Pierre-François-Xavier de Charlevoix, the Settlers of New France had a very what kind of talent for the mechanical arts?
24. Suffix to "Serp"
25. * Hats of Hiver
27. Pal of Winnie-the-Pooh
28. * The English fortress of Halifax was built here, in 1749 (2 words)
31. * Admiral of New England who launched attacks against Port Royal and Québec
33. Dupes, minus the "Fo"
34. Biting Bug
36. Gershwin with pen
37. "Give" in Glasgow
38. * One of the Types of Trees cleared from Farmland, by the early Settlers
39. Pen Points
41. * The fearsome fleets of #31A sailed from here, minus the "ton"
42. Harriet or Madeleine
45. * In Montréal, in the Summer of 1701, thirty-eight Nations ___ called the Great Peace which will bring harmony to the First Nations and the French (3 words)
48. * Cooking vessel in a Settler's kitchen
49. * Heard in early Canada: "___ my washing by hand, considering this is early Canada and there are no Laundromats yet." (3 words)
50. "Three" in Tuscany
53. * Settler's bread baking place: ___ oven (2 words)
55. * French Fort on the Richelieu River (2 words)
58. * Farmer under the Seigneurial System
60. Scale Syllable
61. * Heard at a Fur Trade Outpost: "Do you want to make money ___? Well, you've gotta kill those little critters that you think are so cute, then!" (2 words)
62. Paul's Partner
63. * Special Supper for Settlers
65. * The Governor of New France: Louis ___, Comte de Frontenac
66. Slivery Serpent Sound
67. Records from the 70s
68. * Thickets of Trees, cleared by Farmers in early Canada


1. Having similar characteristics
2. * Heard amongst Canada's early Fishermen: "Who put the ___ deck when it should have been packed away in the hold?" (2 words)
3. Broker
4. * What many marching French soldiers in the New World ended up being because of the fierce cold they had to endure during Winter campaigns
5. Heard in Spanish Class: "___ how you say Yes in Spanish?" (2 words)
6. * Renegade Trader: Coureur ___ Bois
7. * The English at the trading post of Albany in New York gave the Iroquois rum and these in exchange for furs
8. Device in a PC monitor
9. * The Expulsion of the Neutral French to areas such as the French territory of Louisiana began in the Summer of 1755 when they refused to ___ oath of allegiance to the English King that didn't contain the condition that they didn't have to bear arms --which was a promise made to them during their previous oath of 1730 (3 words)
10. * Louisbourg Locale (2 words)
11. Prefix that means "Bone"
13. * Bushy plant, cleared from the land of an early Farmer in Canada
14. * They were frequent and without warning, and one of them took place on August 5th, 1689 at the unfortified village of Lachine, near Montréal (2 words)
19. He (Initials) starred in "The Horse Whisperer" (1998)
21. Designs, minus the "Cre"
22. Atomic, minus the "ar"
26. In order
28. Heretofore: ___-devant
29. Steak Sauce
30. Initials of a "Stayin' Alive" band member
31. * What any survivors from Lachine became (See #14D for a related clue)
32. * Peasant Proprietors
35. Product symbol, for short
36. * Like the Beaver Hats worn by the elite of France
37. * Circa 1748, in New France: "I shall ___ ball at the new Intendant's house on Saturday night, and have a grand time!" (3 words)
40. He (Initials) starred in "Three Men and a Baby" (1987)
41. * Warning to marching Soldiers in early Canada: "Watch out on the ice! One ___ and you're through it!" (2 words)
42. * Seasoning for Settlers
43. She (Initials) sang "Private Dancer"
44. It'll turn "ster" into a Marine Mollusk
46. Symbol for Stuff from Sudbury
47. Heard in Chicago: "A loop train here is called an ___ an Em as you originally thought." (2 words)
48. Breads in Bakeries
50. Fishies in Cans
51. Locale in Brazil, with "Janeiro" (2 words)
52. Professional golfer: Bob ___
54. * Settlers immigrated to it from Europe, for short
56. Timber wolf
57. * Heard amongst early Settlers: "Is it down ___ that this poor little Castor should be hung for cleaning?" (2 words)
59. Sports org.
64. Equally


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