Crossword Puzzle #16
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"Years of Hope and Anger" (Episode #16)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Mr. Lennon who staged a Bed-in for Peace in Montréal, in 1969, at the #58A
5. Org. for furry friends
9. Baby's accessory during feeding time
12. * What the Rioter said when Liberal leader Pierre Trudeau attended the Saint-Jean Baptiste parade in Montréal (His last campaign event of 1968 when he was running to be Prime Minister of Canada): "Hey! I think I'll throw ___ at that Trudeau guy!" (2 words)
14. * Until 1964, married women in Québec were ___ minors under the civic code. They could not open a bank account or authorize medical care for their children. (2 words)
17. * Premier W.A.C. Bennett opened up the interior of his province (British Columbia) to forestry and ___ companies
19. * Said in the Sixties: "Did you know that the Laurendeau-Dunton commission on bilingualism and biculturalism has recommended that Ontario and New Brunswick become bilingual, just as Québec ___?"
20. The Common People
21. Celestial Body, minus the "Qu"
22. Rip Winkle connecter
24. Places in a horizontal position
25. Bedtime Outfits ...for short and backwards
27. * Support for it grew during the Quiet Revolution
30. * Lise Balcer and Paul Rose were members of the Chénier __ll of the FLQ
31. Cereal ingredient
32. Bro's sibling
33. Not Near, minus the "ar"
35. Pop, without the "Ginge"
37. Broadway Musical, minus the "An"
38. Mr. Mineo
39. Atomic #17
40. "Which ___ do you like?" (What the Jewellery Store Clerk asked the Shopper looking for Earrings)
41. Joanne Woodward's hubby (Initials)
42. CEO's assistant (bkwds.)
43. Question to the Smoker: "Isn't that ___ bit too long now?" (2 words)
45. State in the U.S.A.
46. "Three" in Italian
48. Pioneer US talkshow host: Jack __r
49. * (sdrow 2) ".did daD ym ekil raw eht ni eid ot tnaw t'nod I esuaceb adanaC ot gniog m'I .manteiV ot gniog m'I yaw on s'ereht tub ,IIWW ___ a saw rehtaf yM" :dias regdoD tfarD eht tahW
50. Jr.'s father
51. Kind of virus: _-_-O-L-_
52. * What Prime Minister Trudeau did
54. * Tommy Douglas and the _._.P. openly opposed the War Measures Act
55. * It was the oldest black community in Halifax, but in the name of progress, its residents were forced out ...and it was demolished
58. * _-U-_-_-N Elizabeth Hotel (See #1A for a Related Clue)
59. * What Expo 67 was from April 28th, 1967 to October 28th, 1967
60. Shoe width Size
61. Son of Isaac
63. Wading bird
65. He (Initials) starred in "Jaws" (1975)
66. * What the Folkie said to the Rocker: "Wow! I would never have pictured ___ folk festival like the Mariposa!" (3 words)
68. * "...we will be slaves until Québecers, all of us, have used every means, including dynamite and guns, to drive out these big bosses of the economy and of politics, who will stoop to any action, however base, the better to screw us..." (Part of the FLQ ___ which was read on Radio-Canada)
71. * Said in the Psychedelic Sixties: "Far out! Sample some of this stuff, man!" (2 words other words)
72. Out of the Ordinary, without the "Unus"
73. * Nuclear ___ [Something denounced by Robert Hunter, the first co-president (with Patrick Moore) of the environmental group which took its name from the boat at #18D]
74. * Folkie's declaration at the Mariposa Festival: "Nobody loves the music of Joni Mitchell as much ___." (2 words)


1. * OCTOBER CRISIS: In 1970, he (2 words) and Pierre Laporte were kidnapped by the FLQ (Front de la Libération du Québec)
2. * Said in the Seventies: "Try these polyester bell-bottoms __. _ think they'll look great for that party you're going to." (2 words)
3. What the Working Mother asked the Nanny about her Baby Boy: "Did ___ yet?" (2 words)
4. * Something on which French is seen, in Québec (bkwds.)
5. * In '69, language battles broke out in this suburb of Montréal when the local school board abolished teaching in English and forced all children to attend French schools: ___ Leonard
6. * What Chatelaine editor Doris Anderson had to keep her first pregnancy, before the women's movement
7. * When Indian Affairs wouldn't budge on their proposal of closing it, parents began a sit-in at the Blue Quills School because they wanted to be able to run the school themselves. Their cause was supported by aboriginal people across Canada, as well as the leader of the California farm worker's union, ___ Chàvez (See #48D for a Related Clue)
8. Mr. Milne
9. * It was the third largest city in #64D, but in the 1960s, it was one of the Atlantic communities hit by hard times that led to a mass exodus as people searched for employment in other parts of Canada (2 words)
10. * Q. "What are you saying!?!" A. "Dad, what I'm trying to say is I'm young, I'm wild and I'm a free hippy living in the Sixties. And, if my ___ on how things should be in the world are different from yours, don't make such a big deal of it!"
11. * In the early 1970s, one native woman said the roles of women were "the work horse, the doormat and the ___." (2 words)
13. Grind
15. He (Initials) sings "Don't Do Me Like That"
16. Serpent's Sound
18. * In 1970, the Vancouver group called 'Don't Make a Wave' rented a beat-up fishing boat called the Phyllis Cormak and christened it the ___. They then set sail to Alaska to protest a #73A at Amchitka Island.
23. * In 1969, the Nisga'a Indians claimed ancestral territorial rights in this area of British Columbia (2 words)
26. * During the October Crisis, Québec Premier Robert Bourassa and Montréal Mayor ___ (2 words) turned to the federal government for help which led Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to send in the army to protect politicians and important buildings. Then, on October 16th, Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the controversial War Measures Act.
28. * Under ___ of excommunication, the Catholic church condemned birth control and abortion
29. Ms. Carrere
31. * In the mid-1970s, because of tough economic times, the federal government asked ___ companies to voluntarily freeze their prices (2 words)
34. * Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and the Leader of the Opposition, John Diefenbaker, were involved in one, in 1964 (2 words)
36. * "Vive ___ Québec libre!" (Infamous quote made by Charles de Gaulle, the President of France, when he was visiting Montréal for its world fair, Expo 67)
42. * Where 3,000 people gathered in Montréal (on October 15th, 1970) to show support for the ideologies of the FLQ: ___ Sauvé Arena
44. "Yes" en español
47. Stat. for the Toronto Blue Jays
48. * Before the Blue Quills School (in central Alberta) became the first school (in September of 1970) in Canada to be managed and operated by aboriginal people, it was run by Catholic ___ and nuns
53. * (sdrow 2) "!asopiraM eht ta aivlyS & naI ___ gniog m'I" .A "?gniog uoy era erehW" .Q
56. Asked in the Gardening Store: "Is that ___ healthy one?" (2 words)
57. * Piece of Poetry (Something Margaret Atwood would have recited at the Bohemian Embassy --a smoky coffeehouse in Toronto)
58. Docks
59. Unit of electrical resistance
62. Halo
64. * Canada Post's abbr. for a certain province
67. * Mr. Ralfe (CBC Reporter who conducted a legendary on-the-spot interview with Pierre Trudeau during the October Crisis)
69. Famous movie alien
70. * In the Spring of 1970, Marcy Cohen (a student at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia) and a group of women set off on a trek (to this city, without the "tawa") to demand the right to abortion on demand


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