Crossword Puzzle #13
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"Hard Times" (Episode #13)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Sir Wilfrid Laurier said it: "___ Canadian." (2 words)
4. * Laurier's successor as Prime Minister of Canada
9. Hankering ...gone haywire?
12. Type of cereal
14. City in Nebraska, without the "ha"
15. * What the Navy created by Prime Minister Laurier (in 1910) was dubbed (2 words)
17. * Q. "Can I get by on just 13 cents an hour working in this shop?" A. "Yes, you ___ out a living on that meagre salary I am paying you." (2 words)
19. Mr. Gershwin
21. Type of Theatre: Comedia dell' ___
22. * In the summer of 1898, one drew thousands of people to Dawson City (2 words)
24. Roman highway
25. * For Example:
26. Teensy
27. Aromatic plants
29. Grocery Store letters
31. * Immigrant's last words in her homeland: "I will ___ make a life for myself on the Prairies of Canada! Farewell my family!" (2 words)
33. * Immigrant's question: "Well, my darling, what ___ you think of all these many acres of land we now own?"
34. * A Game of Hide-and-Seek, Circa 1902: Q. "Where are you? I can't see you with all of this golden wheat obscuring my vision!" A. "___ the hay stack to your left! Just keep walking in that direction!" (2 words)
37. Tinge
38. Ms. Peeples
40. * Rich soils of the Prairies
41. * Women wanted the right to vote, just like them
42. * Immigrants on the Prairies built them up
44. It's south-east of T.O.
45. Humbug completer
46. * Alexander Graham Bell's flying machine: The ___ Dart
47. * Child Miner's observation: "Jeepers! This ___ the scariest mine I've ever been in!"
48. Certain Car
50. Abbreviated word in a Business Name ...but backwards?
51. * Doctor John McCrae wrote it: "In Flanders ___"
53. Type of Tree
55. Intelligent, without the "rt"
58. Sticky Stuff
59. * On September 1st, 1905, Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier gave a speech here
61. Quick: ___ instant (2 words)
62. * Heard in Québec: "We're going to that new Caisse Populaire in Lévis to hopefully ___ a loan there."
63. * Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier ___ the door for immigrants to come to Canada
65. * What #35D said at #10D: "God has allowed the English ___ to be spread over the civilized world, and it has acquired an influence which is ever growing."
67. * Church of Methodist Minister James Shaver Woodsworth: The ___ People's Mission
69. Dry
70. Fire Engine colour ...gone bananas?
71. * Lieutenant ___ Helmer's death in 1915 inspired the poem at #51A
72. Deviate from an intended course


1. Computer Co.
2. Cook's request: "Can you pick me up ___ sauce bottle at the store? I need it for tonight's spaghetti." (2 words)
3. * Role of David M. Burchell in the new city of Glace Bay
4. * French-Canadian Liberals opposed Canadians volunteering for it, with The (2 words)
5. Sacred Syllable
6. * What British Columbia's government did to limit Chinese immigration (4 words)
7. Air Canada flight schedule acronym
8. Atomic #28 (And, there's a big one in Sudbury!)
9. * The Canadian First Division saw its first action against the Germans, here
10. * In September of 1910, the 21st Eucharist Congress took place here, with Basilica (2 words)
11. "Summer" in French
13. * She ignited the movement for women's rights to vote (2 words)
16. * Henri Bourassa was a mentor to them
18. ms. lang
20. Blood Type: O ___ Negative
23. Board Game, without the "Cl"
24. Worldwide, for short
27. Sailor's acknowledgement
28. * Mentioned in Montréal: "I'm going to join the Montréal Bricklayers' Union ___ I have a bit of protection for my job."
30. * Weapon used in battle, with Chlorine
32. * Quite simply, Wilfrid Laurier needed to do it to win elections
34. "He" in French
35. * Francis Bourne's title (See #65A and #10D for Related Clues)
36. * How some politicians might have voted on the issue of women having the right to vote
39. CBC Sports Commentator, without the "in"
41. * Canada's provinces and territories can be depicted on one
42. Something on a fish
43. Jr.'s father
45. Vehicle
46. * Divisive Issue on the Prairies: The Manitoba ___ Question
47. * Said in Saskatchewan: "___ we were back in the homeland, it would have taken us 10 years to yield this kind of harvest."
49. * Being that he had an interest in poetry, John McCrae might have shown an interest in writing a lyric poem --which is also known as an ___
52. African Antelope
54. He (Initials) starred in "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" (1987) with Canadian comedian John Candy
56. * A lot of it was needed for the creation of hydro-electricity at Niagara Falls
57. * The First World War was ___ in world history in which Canada came of age (2 words)
59. Mr. Cummings
60. Atomic #93
61. Suffix to "Sulf"
62. Hair product
64. Stuff on grass in the early morning
66. Mary Pickford's org.
68. Pretty Flower, with the "ly" chopped off


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