Crossword Puzzle #12
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"Ordeal by Fire" (Episode #12)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * His assassination on June 28th, 1914 (by Gavrilo Princip) gave rise to the Great War: Francis Ferdinand, the Archduke ___ Austria
3. Said in SK: "I'm travelling out west on business to ___ the end of the week." (2 words)
7. * Those who served in World War I, without the "terans"
9. Ms. Gilbert
11. Lead-in to "Nothing" (2 words)
13. Stringed instrument
15. * Anti-Alcohol-Activists
18. * (etaneS eht no tis dluoc os dna 'snosrep' erew nemow detats taht licnuoC yvirP hsitirB eht hguorht esac a gnihsup ni lufsseccus erew ,9291 ni ,ohw stsivitca sthgir s'nemoW) eviF atreblA eht fo rebmeM: ___ esiuoL
19. * Q. "Was the Battle of the ___ bloody conflict?" A. "Yes, so much so that the Germans referred to it as Das Blutbad, the bloodbath." (2 words)
20. Initials of a Welsh poet
21. * Sovereign of Germany from 1871 to 1918 (Spelled backwards!): r-e-s-_-_-_
22. Rock gr. with a Canadian member
23. Letters on Gilligan's boat
24. Book Holder, without the "She"
26. * One of the battle locations of 1916 that established Canada as a fighting force: Mont __rel
28. With the Canadian band Glass Tiger, this British singer (Initials) sang "My Town"
30. * Certain Craving in Conflict Curbed by Consuming the Contents in a Canteen
34. * Where union and non-union workers walked off their jobs and banded together to protest the bleak conditions faced by the working class, in 1919
39. * Rank of Arthur Currie, the commander of the First Canadian Division
41. * Wrapper on a Wound in the War
42. * If they (spelled backwards) were deserters of battle, the Canadian Corps would court-martial them, and then execute them
44. * What all single able-bodied Canadian men from 20 to 45 were required to do for military service as a result of the Conscription Bill of 1917 (2 words --See #59A for a Related Clue)
45. "oD" eht sunim ,seninaC
46. * Wilfrid Laurier's title ...but it's backwards?
48. Someone Smart, without the "nstein"
49. * Certain military service (Acronym)
51. * A.J. Andrews who united employers against employees (See #34A for a Related Clue) by leading The Citizens Committee of One Thousand, had this to say: "The only way to deal with Bolshevism is to hit it and to hit it ___, every time it lifts its ugly head."
54. Self Sacrificer, minus the "Mar"
57. Brother (Initials) of actors Alec, Daniel and William
59. * Policeman's possible comment in Québec City where Conscription was protested, during the Easter holiday, of 1918: "Out of all the ___ have been called to, this is one of the worst." (2 words)
61. * Miseries of Mud for the Military
64. * Some of the other Shoddy Supplies (2 words --and they're spelled backwards!)
66. "Funny Girl" (1968) name
67. * From the song "Why Don't You Wear a Uniform?": "We're going to help our country / In her hour of need to win. / Our King and Country call on us / To fight through thick and thin. / In a ___ coloured uniform / Fall in!"
68. Mr. Stanley Gardner ...flipped around?
69. * DEC. 6TH, 1917: Where the 'Imo' collided with the 'Mont-Blanc' and caused catastrophe at 8:45 A.M.: Halifax, ___
70. Courses, without the "Cla"
71. * World War I - The Great War: The Central Powers (Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany and the Ottoman Empire) -versus- The Allied Forces [Which consisted of several countries, including Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Montenegro, Romania, Russia ...and the ___ (Acronym)]


1. Provided with Paddles
2. * The four Canadian Divisions heroically fought in the ___ of World War I (2 words)
3. Certain Coffee Cake
4. * Sounds made by pulled triggers
5. (sdrow 2) ".seY" .A "?'laértnoM' drow eht gnitirw of yaw trohs _ '__' sI" .Q
6. French pronoun
7. * In 1917, the Wartime Elections Act meant Canadians who had become citizens since 1902, and had come from enemy countries, would be stripped of their right to place them in elections
8. * Namesakes of Ms. Mitchener (Canadian who joined the Red Cross in World War I)
9. * Mata Hari, for Germany on France in World War I
10. Negative interjection ...all jumbled up?
12. * Canadian wartime manufacturers profited from these weapons while Canadian infantrymen suffered while using them in battle because of their jammed mechanisms: ___ Rifles (See #64A for a Related Clue)
13. * The greatest battle in the history of the four divisions of the Canadian Corps (2 words)
14. Philosophy
16. IX - VI = ?
17. Oui's Opposite
22. Baby's Bed
25. * The 'Imo' of Norway, for one (See #69A for a Related Clue)
27. "Pain! I can feel the pain!"
29. * Postwar Plague (2 words)
30. * Military Rank ...for short and flipped around?
31. Him opposite
32. * Medical pros who volunteered with the Red Cross ...flipped around?
33. Mr. Bachman (Musical son of Randy)
35. Fruits, minus the "Bana"
36. Hotel by the Highway ...but it's backwards?
37. "oR" eht sunim ,hcnerF ni "deR"
38. Holder on the Clothesline ...flipped around?
40. * Canon Frederick Scott, a Canadian army chaplain, prayed to Him during World War I, with The
43. "Yes" in Spanish
47. * Alberta farmer and activist, Henry Wise Wood, said this in post-WWI Canada: "We have grovelled and been ground into the dirt; we are determined that this shall not be. We will organize for our protection; we will nourish ourselves and gain strength, and then we shall ___ out in our might and overthrow our enemies."
49. Intended Inferno
50. * Florentine Maher, a mother of six who lived in a rural village in Québec, said this after relocating to Montréal, in the booming year of 1922: "...often I would go the Plaza theatre on Sunday afternoons. They'd be showing the silent ___ of Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd..."
52. Volcanic residue
53. Take a chance
55. Abominable Snowmen
56. * What women's suffrage leader Nellie McClung said in the winter of 1915 when her oldest son was heading off to war: "This morning, we said good-bye to our dear son Jack at the ___ (backward acronym!) station. Strange fate surely for a boy who never has had a gun in his hands..."
58. * Devilish Drinks, to #15A
60. "Pay" suffix
61. * Canadian's comment: "I watch the CBC's Canada: A People's History on ___ a way to learn more about this great country of ours." (2 words)
62. Letter of the alphabet
63. Broadbent and Mirvish ...flipped around?
65. The McKenzie Brothers' interjections


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