Crossword Puzzle #10
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CANADA: A People's History Crosswords
"Taking the West" (Episode #10)

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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1. * Battlefield Berths at Batoche
5. * Word with Station (See #3D for a Related Clue)
13. * Like the quality of #23A
15. * Muddy street in Winnipeg
16. Container for Cinders
17. * On behalf of their clients, the lawyers for Will Jackson and Louis Riel made them to the jury (3 words)
20. Romanian city
21. Accepted (abbr.)
22. * Probable exclamation when Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie was born: "___ boy!" (2 words)
23. * Worshipped by the Blackfoot, Blood and Cree, Methodist Missionaries searched for one in the vast western plains, in 1863
25. * Type of weapon used from #1A
28. * Batoche locale, without the "katchewan"
30. * Thousands of Québec families fled the depression to seek jobs in the booming textile mills here, with New (See #24D for a Related Clue)
35. "Keep it down, please."
38. * What Indian agents called the Canadian government's policy concerning food rations which were given to the plains Indians: "Feed them one day, ___ them the next"
41. Stead
42. * Louis Riel's trial for treason was held in one, in Regina: Magistrate's ___
44. Humbleness, minus the "kness"
45. Pertaining to the Universe, without the "C"
46. The "A" in A.D.
47. * Settler's Shout: "Put your ___ the ox cart, and let's go! Manitoba, here we come!" (2 words)
49. Rocky Mountain animal
50. * Chief of the Cree whose power was usurped by his warriors when he did not join forces with Louis Riel (2 words)
52. Little, minus the "ll"
54. * The last one was hammered down on November 7th, 1885 (See #3D for a Related Clue)
57. * Heard on a Homestead: "We have just two chickens and ___, but we have at least five billion mosquitoes. So, in answer to your question, yes, we're doing reeeally well." (2 words)
61. Chitchats
65. Solace from a Student: "That ___ teacher gave me last year didn't really effect my grade point average, so don't worry too much about the grade of bee that you just received." (2 words)
67. * Pondered in Parliament, perhaps: "Since its inception back in '67, was the ___ good thing for the plains Indians, do you think?" (2 words)
68. * Rude Reply in the Red River Region (4 words)
72. Devotee
73. Question made by a new Baseball Fan: "Are they an AL ___ team?" (2 words)
74. * General Frederick Middleton (Commander in the Northwest Rebellion) was dismayed when he witnessed the poor ___ practice of his troops during a shooting drill
75. * It was negotiated at Fort Carlton (2 words)
76. Hirobumi and Lance


1. Friendly comment: "I'm meeting my ___ his place after work, then we're heading straight to the game." (2 words)
2. * Moaned in Manitoba, maybe: "I can't take the mud in the spring, the mosquitoes in the summer, the frost in the autumn, and now that it's winter again, I can't take all of this ___ I'm heading back down south. Farewell, my darling." (2 words)
3. * In the summer of 1886, the Canadian Pacific Railway rolled them out twice weekly from #5A in Montréal, to Port Moody in British Columbia
4. "Her", "His" or "Its" in French
6. Type of prism named after an Italian astronomer
7. * It swept the Northwest (2 words)
8. Towel word
9. * Plight on the Plains, perhaps: "We can't go ___ buffalo hunt because there are no buffalo left to hunt." (2 words)
10. * #61D given to Crowfoot, by Sir John A. Macdonald
11. Wardrobe items, without the "Sh"
12. Singly named Singer
13. Takes small drinks ...spelled backwards?
14. Stewart the Singer ...spelled backwards?
18. "Iron" in French
19. Atomic #28
24. * Because workers from Québec were working long hours for little pay, they were termed as the 'Chinese of the ___' by their bosses (See #30A for a Related Clue)
26. Mr. Dykstra ...all shook up?
27. For example, for short
29. * Boniface completer
31. Bean and Cool J
32. * In 1873, he briefly held the post of Minister of Justice in Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie's Liberal government: Sir Antoine-___ Dorion (b.1818 - d.1891)
33. Mr. Young
34. * Where the Métis were the victors in battle against the Northwest Mounted Police, with Lake
35. Boo-Boo leftover
36. French for "Shamed be the person who thinks evil of it" (Motto of the Order of the Garter): "___ soit qui mal y pense"
37. Put up a Painting
39. * Prime Minister John A. Macdonald was alarmed by reports that they were streaming into the vast Northwest
40. "The Crying Game" (1992) name
43. Steal
45. * Heard on a Homestead: "While Pa is off fighting in Canada's army against the Métis, all the burden of running the farm is left ___ and me." (2 words)
47. Clothing Company
48. * Pondered on the Prairies: "___ this grasshopper plague ever going to end?"
51. Capital of Tanzania: Dar-___-Salaam
53. * It was here, in a small schoolhouse, that English-speaking farmers and the Métis drafted resolutions which outlined their grievances against the Canadian government, with Prince
55. Ms. Williams
56. Snake-Spotter's Shout!
58. Comment made to Ms. Landers: "___ take a break for awhile. You've answered enough advice letters for one day." (2 words)
59. Ceremonial staffs
60. Unit of money in Thailand
61. * See #10D
62. Jewish calendar month
63. * Like journeys in ox-carts: ___-jarring
64. Métro Station in Montréal, without the "owdon"
66. Toward the stern of a ship
69. Little kid
70. Attempt
71. Jackie's second hubby ...all shook up?


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