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Past Episodes: January 2014 Archives

Teacher Pay: Should It Be Tied to Performance?

Should teachers' salaries be tied to their performance, instead of seniority? Sachin Maharaj is the author of the paper about this issue. It was released by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, a group representing Canada's largest employers. Listen audio (runs 7:22)


A Weekly Dose of Ritallin: Exhaustion with Political Shenanigans

Had enough of Mayor Rob Ford's antics dominating local -- and international -- headlines? So has our house poet. Greg Frankson used his "Weekly Dose of Ritallin" to express his RoFo exhaustion in verse. Listen audio (runs 6:10)


Wynne on Pension Reform

Ontario's Premier is looking to develop a provincial pension plan... and to help figure out how it should work, she's tapped former Prime Minister Paul Martin for help. Kathleen Wynne joined Gill. Listen audio (runs 6:49)