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Past Episodes: August 2013 Archives

Canada's Future Entrepreneurs

Two young entrepreneurs got a boost today, at the Junior Economic Club of Canada. Kirstin Shillings and Teresa Gallinger came to Toronto from Chippewa of Rama First Nations. And Rhiannon Trail is the organizer of the event. Listen audio (runs 7:16)


The Needs of Filipino Elderly

Toronto has one of the largest Filipino communities in North America. But little is known about what its aging population needs. Today, a new survey addressing this was released. Frank Villanueva of the Filipino Centre of Toronto, told us more. Listen audio (runs 6:26)


Robotics in Surgery

Doctors at London Health Sciences Centre are the first to do a live kidney transplant with robotic surgical tools. Dr. Patrick Luke is the co-director of their Multi-Organ Transplant Unit. He explained the evolution of this surgery. Listen audio (runs 6:23)