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Past Episodes: February 2013 Archives

Kevin O'Leary's Cold, Hard Truth

Some relationships could be getting in the way of you -- and your money. That's what Dragon's Den star Kevin O'Leary has to say in his new book Cold Hard Truth: On Men, Women & Money. We heard from him. Listen audio (runs 5:18)


Food Column: Elton on Artisanal Bread

At any supermarket in the city these days, you'll find all sorts of bread. There's olive boule, multigrain, baguettes--breads that the signs and the packaging call "artisan bread." We've gone way beyond sliced bread in Toronto. But is this bread really worthy of the artisan label? Is there real artisan bread in our city? Our food columnist Sarah Elton told us the story behind the bread and found out that artisan really means par baked. That is bread that is partially baked in an industrial facility, flash frozen, and then shipped to the supermarket where the baking is finished and the loaf is sold as fresh, artisan bread. Listen audio (runs 6:14)

If you wanted to try the real artisan bread she spoke of, head to Cliffside Hearth at 3047 Kingston Road, not too far from St. Clair. The phone number is 416 261 1010 and it is best to call ahead to find out their hours.

You can also buy the bread at:

Courage Foods in the Upper Beach
Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakeshop near Broadview
The Butcher Shop at Kingston Road and Markham Road


Savings for Retirement

This year's RRSP deadline is fast approaching. But according to our business columnist Donna Guzik, most people aren't saving enough for their golden years. She talked about an idea that sees the government intervening. Listen audio (runs 5:27)