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Past Episodes: November 2012 Archives

The Seriousness of Concussions

A new study suggests that head injuries in hockey are still not taken seriously, and that concussions continue to go unreported. Toronto doctor Paul Echlin is the lead author and primary investigator of the study. He provided details. Listen audio (runs 5:44)


A New Cycling Strategy for Ontario

The province has just put a new cycling strategy. Jared Kolb of Cycling Toronto talked about what this mean to the make up of Toronto's streets. Listen audio (runs 5:48)


No NHL hockey? No problem for hockey trivia wiz Liam Maguire

Are you a connoisseur of hockey stats and facts? We hear from the man who considers himself to be Canada's unofficial hockey trivia expert Liam Maguire, author of Next Goal Wins! The Ultimate NHL Historian's One-of-a-Kind Collection of Hockey Trivia. Listen audio (runs 6:06)