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Past Episodes: October 2012 Archives

The Scary, Last-Minute Costume Rush

If you haven't figured out who or what you're going to be tonight... don't be afraid. Costume shops are ready to lend a hand. Laura spoke to Shawn Hamilton. He's the owner of Amazing Party and Costume in west end Toronto. Listen audio (runs 4:38)


A Halloween tale

CBC Producer Mike Smee spins an original Halloween yarn: Two Headstones. Listen audio (runs 5:32) halloween12.jpg The real Two Headstones: An old graveyard on Yonge St., at Churchill Ave., north of Sheppard Ave. contains these two, nearly-identical tombstones memorializiing the same man.


Mentoring Between Somali Youth and Toronto Police

Police officers will patrol the Dixon-Islington area tonight, to make sure the peace is kept. But they'll also have the help of some local Somali youth. It's part of a larger mentorship project between police and the local community. Constable Roger Mayers is with the Divisional Policing Support Unit. And Zach Omar is a local resident who approached the police to develop the program. Laura spoke with both of them. Listen audio (runs 7:49)