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Past Episodes: September 2012 Archives

The Art of The Barter

Students at a new school are learning to drive an easy bargain. Laura heard from co-founder Michelle Van Looy to find out why Trade School Toronto is teaching the art of barter. Listen audio (runs 5:47)

For more information about Trade School, please visit HERE.


Nuit Blanche: Queen Street Cartography

According to some, perspective is everything... Tomorrow night at Nuit Blanche, the perspectives of people with disabilities will be on full display at Queen Street Cartography. Curator Jan Derbyshire spoke with Laura about the exhibit. Listen audio (runs 5:48)

Queen Street Cartography can be seen at OCAD University's Open Gallery, 49 McCaul St.


Put Food in the Budget

Thousands of people in the GTA rely on social assistance to make ends meet. Now, a group of artists are raising money to give them a hand up. Greg Frankson, better known as Ritallin talked about Soulstice, a fundraiser for Put Food in the Budget. Listen audio (runs 5:45)

Doors open at 7:30 at the Waterfall Indian Tapas in Kensington Market. For more information, check out