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Past Episodes: July 2012 Archives

Immigration Consultation

Immigration is an issue that always gets Canadians talking and now the federal government is now considering it a good thing. They're asking the public how much immigration should be allowed in Canada and what the mix of immigrant classes should be. We spoke to Chungsen Leung, the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism. Listen audio (runs 6:31)


Career-Limiting Cursing

Close the lid on that potty mouth. That's the advice from a new survey from CareerBuilder. Laura kept it clean when she spoke to Ritu Bhasin, a workplace consultant about the career limiting effects of cursing on the job. Listen audio (runs 6:23)


Hiring Disabled Workers

People with disabilities have a tougher time finding work compared to those who are able-bodied because many employers feel it's too risky to hire them. Laura spoke with Mark Wafer, an entrepreneur who goes out of his way to hire disabled workers. Listen audio (runs 7:17)