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Past Episodes: May 2012 Archives

Bambrick on Bikes

Should cyclists be licensed? In her inaugural regular feature on Here and Now, cycling advocate Yvonne Bambrick tackles that thorny question. Listen audio (runs 5:48)


Body Parts

A video purportedly depicting the brutal killing and dismemberment of a Montreal man has been circulating online. We talk to documentary filmmaker Stuart Samuels about the world of "snuff films". Listen audio (runs 7:01)


Catholic Schools Raise Concerns

For the province's Catholic school system, the name "Gay-Straight Alliance" is one they don't want to see. Now, the provincial government is saying they might not have a choice and that has them concerned. Laura heard from Ann Andrachuck. She is chair of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Listen audio (runs 8:05)

lhgobrial writes:

Just listened to this interview on my way home from work and really felt that the women being interviewed was attacked by Mrs. Di Battista for the Catholic board's disapproval of the name "Gay Straight Alliances".

As a Christian person, I agree that the name should not be allowed in the Catholic School system. They should not be forced to use a name that sends a message that the Catholic Church is OK with the sin of homosexuality. This is against the teachings of the Church and thus the school system should not be forced into using a name that clearly goes against it's teachings.