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Past Episodes: November 2011 Archives

Winter Driving Survival Kit

What do you REALLY need in a winter emergency kit? Rachel Hesson-Bolton is an instructor with Young Drivers of Canada. She learned exactly what's necessary after intentionally stranding herself in her car for 24 hours one winter. She offers her advice. Listen audio (runs 5:43)


Toronto Housing Bubble

Think housing prices are too high in your area? Well, The Economist magazine agrees. They say the Canadian housing market is overvalued by at least 25 percent and that the bubble's going to burst. For a look at Canada's housing market, Laura heard from David Madani. He's an economist with Capital Economics. Listen audio (runs 4:57)


Sarah Elton on Dumplings

Our food columnist Sarah Elton was in today to talk about dumplings-King Mushroom, siu mai and pot stickers, to be exact. She received a lesson in how to make these foods by hand by Winlai Wong, executive chef at the swanky King Street restaurant, The Spice Route. Which you can find at 499 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4
(416) 849-1808.

Listen audio (runs 6:07)

Winlai will be offering dumpling making lessons at the annual Terra Madre celebration, held by Slow Food Toronto at Harbourfront this December the 10th from 2 to 6 p.m. Children are welcome and it is free! Find out more here.

In case you can't make Winlai's demonstration on Saturday, here are a few of her tips:

- While you might not be able to wrap a dumpling like a master wok chef, you can still make these delicious morsels for your holiday party this year. Winlai suggests buying pre-made dumpling wrappers at the Asian supermarket and then wrapping the dumplings ahead of time. Freeze them on a tray so that you can drop them frozen into boiling water when you are ready to feed your guests. Just make sure to season the filling well-frozen dumplings tend to need more flavour.

- Make sure you bring the wrappers up to room temperature before you start wrapping and move quickly. Your hands will warm the dough too much if you are slow.

- If you are boiling (rather than steaming) your dumplings, allow them to boil until they float. That is one indication that they are ready. But if you are stuffing them with raw meat, make sure they spend enough time in the boiling water to cook through!

- Serve them hot and eat them quickly! Dumplings are best warm.