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Food with Sarah Elton: January 2014 Archives

Food Columnist: Elton on Underground Eats

Our food columnist Sarah Elton went on a "good eats" tour of The PATH with a local foodie, Shazia McCormick. Shazia has worked downtown for a few years and shared her finds with Sarah. Listen audio (runs 6:25)


In First Canadian Place:

Naturally Yours: A health food store with a lunch counter.

Kupfert and Kim: A vegan gluten free lunch counter.

In Scotia Plaza:

Mio Express: Italian food like veal and osso bucco to go.

At street level, only a few steps from The Path:

Richmond Station: A nice restaurant with a $19 prix fixe. Make a reservation!

Touch: In the path below 1 Adelaide Street East, you will find this Indian food counter where they make naan fresh and have a variety of tasty curries.

Other places where you can get good food in the path:

De Kefir underneath the Bay Adelaide Centre has delightful kefir parfaits for breakfast, and waffles, smoothies and tasty frozen kefir for all times of day.


Food Column: Elton on a Kosher Deli

Our food columnist, Sarah Elton returns this week with the story of a man who grew up eating traditional Italian food, but has now gone kosher. Gill heard about his fantastic pastrami sandwiches. Listen audio (runs 5:32)