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Food with Sarah Elton: September 2012 Archives

Sarah Elton Wraps Her Toronto Food Tour

We've been taking a tour around the GTA and tasting all the fantastic food that you can find in our plazas and strip malls with our food columnist Sarah Elton. We've been to Scarborough. We've been to Jane and Finch. We've been to Mississauga. This week features the last instalment of Neighbourhood Food Tour Series: a trip to North York. Listen audio (runs 9:12)

Sarah headed north from Finch, up Yonge Street with Joel Solish, a self-proclaimed Community Foodist who works with local food industry partners ( The few blocks of the street they visited recalled many food memories for Joel-and also the history of the area. They also ate some darn good food.

They tried: (please excuse the possible errors in the transliteration of Korean and Persian below)

- The kam pun gi at Cho Won Family Restaurant, 17 Drewry Avenue
- The amazing pastries such as the zulbia, gulshe fil (elephants' ears) and bamiyan at PARS Food, 6087 Yonge St
- Some eggplant dip (badam jahn kashk) and fresh baked Persian bread at Khorak 6125 Yonge Street


Sarah Elton's Food Tour of Mississauga

Here and Now has been visiting the best foodie neighbourhoods this September. Every week this month, our food columnist Sarah Elton has been eating her way across some of the GTA's best places to go for good food in what we are calling our Neighbourhood Food Tour Series. And each week, Sarah has gone out with a local guide who knows the best places to find great food.

This week, Sarah visited Mississauga with Suresh Dos, the publisher of the Toronto based food and drink website Spotlight Toronto. They restaurant hopped one rainy noon hour and visited three gems.

1. Chiu Chow Man 1177 Central Parkway West Mississauga, ON L5C 2T1, Canada

2. Lion City Restaurant 1177 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P3, Unit #70

3. Dosa Palace, 21 Dundas Street, #2 Mississauga ON

Listen audio (runs 7:45)


Food Column: Sarah Elton Tours Jane-Finch Neighbourhood

If Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, then Toronto is also a city of
neighbourhood food. In each neighbourhood in the GTA you will find great food of all sorts-you just need to know where to look. Our food columnist is spending the month of September visiting different neighbourhoods across the GTA . She's going there to eat with the people who know where to find the best food. Last week, Sarah took us to Scarborough. This week's culinary tour takes us to Jane and Finch where Joshua Arredondo took her to three places for some excellent Latin American food. Listen audio (runs 7:50) 1. Plaza Latina - 9 Milvan Drive near Finch Avenue West and Weston Sarah and Joshua visited Chilango Taco where they had the pork sope. 2. Nearby, on Finch at Rumike, they went to Pupuseria Salvadorena. It's a small restaurant in the strip mall on the corner. Sarah recommends the bean and cheese pupusa. 3. Then off they went to the Columbian bakery, Columbus Bakery at 2111 Jane Street where they are known for their chicharron, their empanadas and bunuelos.