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Food with Sarah Elton: October 2011 Archives

Diwali Treats

Our food columnist Sarah Elton was in for a special Diwali edition of her food column. She made us all salivate for puris, made fresh and hot in homes across the city for Diwali. Sarah spoke with Nupur Gogia of Rani Foods about her Diwali food memories. You can find Rani Foods' curries and pakoras on Saturday morning at the St. Lawrence North Market.
Listen audio (runs 6:07)


Sarah Elton on Phillipine Street Food

Our food columnist Sarah Elton was in today to tell us about Philippine street food and one delicacy in particular, a squash shrimp fritter called ukoy. She tasted the ukoy made by Tita Flip's Diona Joyce, a catering company in this city at the Toronto Underground Market that will be held this Saturday, October 22nd and then again on Saturday, November 19th at the Evergreen Brickworks. Listen audio (runs 7:07)