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Columnists: January 2012 Archives

Health Column: Goldman on Psychiatry

When you lose a loved one, it's normal to grieve. Or, is it? A new report suggests bereavement should be labeled a psychiatric disorder. House doctor Brian Goldman joined Laura with the details. Listen audio (runs 7:32)


Health Column: Dr. Goldman on Insomnia

Sleepless in the city? A Canadian expert warns that the toll of insomnia on our health could be much worse than you think. House doctor Brian Goldman joined Laura to share the details. Listen audio (runs 6:04)


Culture Column: Hassanli on Popular Older Women

In show business, being older isn't always seen an advantage, specially if you're a woman. But more and more perfomers are bucking that trend. Our pop culture critic Lisha Hassanali discussed the secret behind their success with Laura. Listen audio (runs 6:27)