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January 2014 Archives


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Teacher Pay: Should It Be Tied to Performance?

Should teachers' salaries be tied to their performance, instead of seniority? Sachin Maharaj is the author of the paper about this issue. It was released by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, a group representing Canada's largest employers. Listen audio (runs 7:22)


A Weekly Dose of Ritallin: Exhaustion with Political Shenanigans

Had enough of Mayor Rob Ford's antics dominating local -- and international -- headlines? So has our house poet. Greg Frankson used his "Weekly Dose of Ritallin" to express his RoFo exhaustion in verse. Listen audio (runs 6:10)


Wynne on Pension Reform

Ontario's Premier is looking to develop a provincial pension plan... and to help figure out how it should work, she's tapped former Prime Minister Paul Martin for help. Kathleen Wynne joined Gill. Listen audio (runs 6:49)


Food Columnist: Elton on Underground Eats

Our food columnist Sarah Elton went on a "good eats" tour of The PATH with a local foodie, Shazia McCormick. Shazia has worked downtown for a few years and shared her finds with Sarah. Listen audio (runs 6:25)


In First Canadian Place:

Naturally Yours: A health food store with a lunch counter.

Kupfert and Kim: A vegan gluten free lunch counter.

In Scotia Plaza:

Mio Express: Italian food like veal and osso bucco to go.

At street level, only a few steps from The Path:

Richmond Station: A nice restaurant with a $19 prix fixe. Make a reservation!

Touch: In the path below 1 Adelaide Street East, you will find this Indian food counter where they make naan fresh and have a variety of tasty curries.

Other places where you can get good food in the path:

De Kefir underneath the Bay Adelaide Centre has delightful kefir parfaits for breakfast, and waffles, smoothies and tasty frozen kefir for all times of day.


Finding Your Way Through Grey Divorce

Many couples are trading in their golden years of marriage for a grey divorce. A growing number of people are leaving long-term marriages. Marion Korn is a lawyer and the co-author of "When Harry left Sally: Finding Your Way Through Grey Divorce." Listen audio (runs 6:43)


Walking... Even During a Polar Vortex

Walking outdoors right now is not such a good idea. But there are ways to get around, on foot, when it gets this cold, without ever going outside. Toronto's walking guru Shawn Micallef filled us in on some of his secrets. Listen audio (runs 5:33)


Rehabilitating the Mentally Ill

Karen De Freitas, the psychiatrist in charge of the mental health facility where Richard Kathkar is being held, speaks with Here and Now about how doctors determine when a patient is ready to be released into the community. Listen audio (runs 6:54)


Interest Rates, Going Down

How low can they go? The Royal Bank of Canada has lowered its fixed rate mortgage, but that shouldn't be an enticement for you to borrow more. Preet Banerjee writes and comments on personal finance issues. He spoke to Gill about the need to save. Listen audio (runs 5:56)


Song of the Week

Jan 20th - Jan 24th Our featured artist this week is Toronto bluesman Gary Kendall. The bassist for Downchild Blues Band won Bassist of the Year at the Maple Blues Awards this past Monday night at Koerner Hall. Kendall was also bandleader for the awards. To mark his win and his contribution to Toronto's blues scene we've selected, 'Real Good Night ', our Song of the Week from the Gary Kendall Band


Song of the week

Jan 13th - 17th 2014 has already started on the right note for Toronto singer-songwriter Clara Venice. The multi instrumentalist has been invited to open for the Barenaked Ladies. But before her the tour with them, Venice stopped by the Here and Now studio with her song, 'Ninja' our Song of the Week.


Religious Accommodation or Accomplice to Sexism?

A university professor who turned down a student's request to NOT take part in a class with women is upset that his bosses disagreed with his decision to turn the student down. Paul Grayson teaches sociology at York University. He spoke to Gill. Listen audio (runs 8:11)


Stay Calm With The Flu

Bird flu might sound scary ... but health officials say there's nearly no risk of getting sick here in Canada. Gill heard why, from the "Germ Guy" Jason Tetro. Listen audio (runs x:xx)


Food Column: Elton on a Kosher Deli

Our food columnist, Sarah Elton returns this week with the story of a man who grew up eating traditional Italian food, but has now gone kosher. Gill heard about his fantastic pastrami sandwiches. Listen audio (runs 5:32)


Adding Math Skills to Teacher Training

The provincial government announced today that it's increasing teacher training in the maths. Ron Lancaster is a long-time math teacher and instructor at OISE. He discussed the new plans with Gill. Listen audio (runs 6:34


Winter Wisdom

Guest host Mary Ito spoke with David Sugarman, senior researcher with the Ontario Science Centre, about winter wisdom and superstitions. Listen audio (runs 6:29)


Board of Trade's Election Priorities

The Toronto Board of Trade has issued its wish-list for what it wants to see in a municipal politician. Carol Wilding, president and CEO, spoke with guest host Mary Ito about their ideas. Listen audio (runs 6:04)


Winter Driving

Gill Deacon spoke with Young Drivers of Canada general manager Angelo DiCicco about common winter driving errors and tips for how to be safe on the roads this winter, which can also be found on the company's new winter driving site.Listen audio (runs 4:59)


The Polar Vortex in Toronto

If the chill outside feels a little Arctic, that's because it is. Toronto is in the grips of a polar vortex. Geoff Coulson is a warning preparedness meteorologist for Environment Canada. He explained its effect on our city. Listen audio (runs 6:28)


Project Winter Survival

The sub-zero temperatures Toronto is experiencing is a health hazard -- especially to homeless people. Jody Steinhauer is the founder of Project Winter Survival, a charity that's helping the most vulnerable in our city survive the deep freeze. Listen audio (runs 6:34)