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May 2013 Archives

The Week That Was At City Hall

It's been another week of allegations and resignations at City Hall. Former councillor Adam Giambrone, Toronto Sun City Hall columnist Sue-Ann Levy and former Mayor Mel Lastman's Chief of Staff Jim Warren talked about the latest developments. Listen audio (runs 16:36)


A Weekly Dose of Ritallin: Fighting Hunger

Our House Poet, Greg Frankson is hungry for a change. In his "Weekly Dose of Ritallin", he explains why. Listen audio (runs 3:37)


Teens and Drinking

Talking to your teens about responsible drinking is never easy, but in light of the accidental death of a young woman who died after drinking methanol, it's a conversation many parents are now having. We heard from Dr. Karen Leslie and Alyson Schafer. Listen audio (runs 7:52)


Remembering Henry Mortgentaler

Dr. Henry Morgentaler passed away from a heart attack at the age of 90. His friend, writer and activist, Judy Rebick spoke about what he meant to her. Listen audio (runs 5:34)


Minding The Gap In Education

According to People for Education, it's time to look at what makes for a good education... and how our schools can help deal with poverty issues. We heard from executive director, Annie Kidder. Listen audio (runs 5:37)


Tech Column: Misener on Face Recognition

If the eyes are the window to the soul, what about your entire face? Tech columnist Dan Misener talks about new developments in facial recognition. Listen audio (runs 5:06)


How To Pay For Metrolinx's Transit Plan

Metrolinx, the provincial agency responsible for transit development released their report on how they want to see their Big Move paid for. Bruce McCuaig, CEO of Metrolinx shared his thoughts. We then heard from Minister of Transportation, Glen Murray.

Listen audio (runs 5:56)

Listen audio (runs 8:50)


Next Steps at City Council

After a week-long silence, Mayor Rob Ford today addressed allegations by two media outlets that he used drugs. But what have the effects of the past week had on city business? Former councillor Adam Giambrone shared his perspectives. Listen audio (runs 10:29)


A Weekly Dose of Ritallin: Mayor Rob Ford

It's been a week since we first learned about the alleged video of Mayor Ford apparently smoking a substance that may have been crack cocaine. All that's happened drew a poetic response from our house poet, Ritallin -- Greg Frankson. Listen audio (runs 4:57)


Food Column: Elton Visits the Ontario Food Terminal

Our food contributor Sarah Elton took a trip to the Ontario Food Terminal to meet with Bruce Nicholas, the general manager. She told us about how this market has shaped the city we live in.

She also told us that the food terminal will open to the public for the second time ever, this Saturday, May 25th from 11 to 3 pm. There will be tours and a lunch served by the Toronto not-for-profit FoodShare. And you can even buy food there too!

Proceeds go to FoodShare.

Buy your tickets at the door or in advance.

Address: 165 the Queensway between Park Lawn Road and Stephen Drive in South Etobicoke

Visit this website to purchase tickets in advance and for more information.

Listen audio (runs 7:10)


Song Of The Week: Elisapie Isaac

Elisapie Isaac is a Juno award winning singer-songwriter, documentary filmmaker and activist and actor. This coming Saturday, she's part of CBC Music's first ever outdoor music festival, taking place at Toronto's Echo Beach. We heard from her. Listen audio (runs 6:03)


Matlow on Casino Vote

There will be no casino in Toronto. Councillor Josh Matlow joined us to discuss the vote... and the ongoing allegations against the mayor. Listen audio (runs 6:12)


When to Test For Genetic Disease

Angelina Jolie's decision to talk about her genetic risks for developing cancer has many wondering what lies within their genes. Suzanne Kamel-Reid is the Head of Molecular Diagnostics at University Health Network. She talked about when to test. Listen audio (runs 7:38)


Poetry In Voice

In an era of communicating with 140 characters, some Canadian high school students are expressing themselves through poetry. We heard Anthony De Sa is a teacher librarian at Michael Power/St. Joseph Secondary School. Pearl Zaki is a Grade 11 student. Listen audio (runs 6:46)


House Doctor: Goldman on Medical Training

When it comes to recruiting young doctors, most medical schools look for brains. But our house doctor Brian Goldman says schools on the leading edge are looking for candidates with heart. Listen audio (runs 5:51)


A New Kind of Bank Hold-Up

Cyber hackers stole 45 million dollars from ATMs around the globe - and it only took them hours. David Skillicorn is a Professor with the Queen's University School of Computing. He talked about this new type of bank robbery. Listen audio (runs 5:35)


Andrea Horwath Asks For More Budget Concessions

Provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath hasn't decided if she's going to support the Liberal's latest budget. She's still deliberating... and requesting more concessions. She explained why. Listen audio (runs 6:38)


Paul Henderson

Hard to believe it was over 40 years ago when hockey legend Paul Henderson scored the winning goals in the Canada-Russia series. The former Leaf has gone onto face bigger battles since then. He talked about his life... and the play-offs. Listen audio (runs 5:12)


Food Column: Elton on Better Hospital Food

The Hospital for Sick Children is embarking on a new project -- to improve the food it offers. Our food columnist Sarah Elton talked to us about The Blue Fig, a new Middle Eastern restaurant that makes meals from scratch. Listen audio (runs 6:03)

The Blue Fig is in the food court at Sick Kids' Hospital on Gerrard, near University-that's just west of the Emergency Department.


Unearthing a New Dinosaur

A new species of dinosaur has been found in Alberta, thanks to the work of scientists at the Royal Ontario Museum. Dr. David Evans heads up dinosaur research there. He visited our studio to talk about the find. Listen audio (runs 6:24)


Helping to Assess Older Drivers

Deciding when an elderly person should give up driving can be a challenge. Which is why researchers are trying to find ways to help doctors assess who should and should no longer be on the road. Brenda Vrkljan from McMaster explained. Listen audio (runs 6:30)


Song Of The Week: Abdominal

Rapper Abdominal has found an unlikely new partner -- his mom, Sharon Singer. They joined us with their track, "Courage" for our Song of The Week. Listen audio (runs 6:36)


The Leafs Under Pressure on Home Ice

The biggest hockey game to hit this town in 9 years happens tonight -- game 3 of the playoffs between the Leafs and the Bruins. What kind of pressure are the Leafs feeling on home ice? Paul Dennis is a sports psychologist. He shared his insight. Listen audio (runs 7:50)