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November 2012 Archives

The Seriousness of Concussions

A new study suggests that head injuries in hockey are still not taken seriously, and that concussions continue to go unreported. Toronto doctor Paul Echlin is the lead author and primary investigator of the study. He provided details. Listen audio (runs 5:44)


A New Cycling Strategy for Ontario

The province has just put a new cycling strategy. Jared Kolb of Cycling Toronto talked about what this mean to the make up of Toronto's streets. Listen audio (runs 5:48)


No NHL hockey? No problem for hockey trivia wiz Liam Maguire

Are you a connoisseur of hockey stats and facts? We hear from the man who considers himself to be Canada's unofficial hockey trivia expert Liam Maguire, author of Next Goal Wins! The Ultimate NHL Historian's One-of-a-Kind Collection of Hockey Trivia. Listen audio (runs 6:06)


2013 city budget balanced - or is it?

The numbers have been crunched, he beans counted and this afternoon, the city revealed how much itw ill spend, and on what, in 2013. Staff say the 2013 operating budget is balanced, as Mayor Ford has requested. But there's a big if, as city councillor and former budget chief Shelley Carroll explains. Listen audio (runs 7:16)


Rob Ford and "A Weekly Dose of Ritallin"

Our resident poet, Greg Frankson is back with a new poem about the Rob Ford conflict-of-interest decision. Here is your "Weekly Dose of Ritallin". Listen audio (runs 4:10)


Education Minister Weighs in On Possible Strike Action

Elementary school teachers could be walking the picket line as early as next week. The Minister of Education Laurel Broten joined the program to discuss what she'll do if that happens. Listen audio (runs 6:18)


Elementary Teachers Enter a Strike Position

It could be dreary holiday season for elementary school teachers and their students this year. Today, the teachers' union stated all schools will be in a strike position by December. Sam Hammond, the president of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario explained what's been happening with contract negotiations. Listen audio (runs 5:32)


Tossing Out the Plastic Bag Ban

After months of debate at City Hall and around Toronto, council has voted not to pass a bylaw that would've banned plastic bags in January. David Shiner is the councillor who originally proposed the ban. He talked about today's reversal. Listen audio (runs 7:24)


Curious City Column: Blackett on Maps

Maps used to be reference materials. Now, they're works of art, and creative tools for reimagining the city we live in. Our Curious City columnist, Matt Blackett shows us a new way to look at where we are, and where we're going. Listen audio (runs 5:23)

Links Matt Mentioned:

The Maple Leaf City Map

TTC Subway Fantasy Maps

Andrew Alfred Duggan

Marlena Zuber

Metro Magnets


Improving the Police Oversight Process

Who do you turn to when you have a problem with the police? The Office of the Province's Independent Police Review Director is supposed to be the place to go. But there've been complaints over their handling of investigations. Which why today, there was a forum looking at how to improve OIPRD. Jennifer Schulenberg is one of the event's organizers. She's a University of Waterloo assistant professor and is one of the leaders of the event. And Kevin Lee is executive director of the Scadding Court Community Centre. Listen audio (runs 6:19)


Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday on Ford's Removal

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday could soon be in charge of the city now that a judge has ordered Mayor Rob Ford's removal from office. He offered his thoughts on what council needs to consider as they grapple with this political news. Listen audio (runs 5:55)


Reaction to Bank of Canada's Mark Carney's Decision

The Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, is jumping the pong. He's been named the next governor of the Bank of England. Independent economic analyst, Patricia Croft talked about what his career move means for Canada. Listen audio (runs 5:09)


Damon Allen Discusses the Argo's Grey Cup Chances

As we look ahead to the 2012 Grey Cup Championship, football great Damon Allen offers his perspective on the Toronto Argonauts' chances for a win. Listen audio (runs 6:21)


Parking ticket system unfair - Ombudsman

Want to beat that parking ticket? Fiona Crean wants to help. The city's Ombudsman speaks with Here and Now about the findings in her latest report. Listen audio (runs 5:09)


Economic Benefits of The Grey Cup

While the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts prepare for the fight for Grey Cup this Sunday, there's already one clear winner. The City of Toronto. Thousands of visitors have arrived or are en route to take part in the festivities. And all of them will need a place to sleep, eat and have a good time. Andrew Weir is the vice-president of communications for Tourism Toronto. He talked about the economic benefits associated with this coming weekend. Listen audio (runs 5:37)


Toronto Marlies Sign an Anti-Discriminatory Pledge

The world of hockey is rough and tumble. And at times, so is the language players use. Now, the Toronto Marlies have signed a pledge to mind what they say on and off the ice. Their coach, Dallas Eakins told us why. Listen audio (runs 5:41)


Food Column: Elton Shares a Community Cookbook

What does a community cookbook tell us about ourselves? Our food columnist Sarah Elton profiles a cookbook full of recipes that capture the many flavours of Toronto. Listen audio (runs 5:49)

The Share Cookbook is available from the FoodShare website.


A Casino's Effect on Public Health

Mayor Rob Ford is rolling the dice, in the hopes Toronto will be the site of a new casino. But the city's Medical Officer of Health wants additional considerations to be made if a one opens its doors. Dr. David McKeown explained. Listen audio (runs 5:08)


Indian Expressionism at the TIFF Lightbox

Indian movies have influenced Western style, but a new retrospective is looking at the influence it's had on European movies. Meenakshi Shedde curated the Indian Expressionism film series. It's on at the TIFF Lightbox until Wednesday. Listen audio (runs 5:42)


Art Exhibit: "Collecting Loss"

Many people keep the memory of their loved ones alive by holding on to some of their clothing. Now, that clothing has been turned into an art exhibit that looks at how we grieve. Karen Haffey is the co-creator of "Collecting Loss." She joined with us. Listen audio (runs 5:41)

The exhibit is on display at Gallery 918. That's at 918 Bathurst. It ends November 30th. You can also see more about the exhibit at


Condo Riding?

Before the next election gears up, condo communities along the Waterfront are wondering if it's time to prepare by creating their own riding. NDP MPP Rosario Marchese told us why changes to the electoral map should be made. Listen audio (runs 5:49)


Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

A motion goes before committee today about licencing bed bug control companies. We heard from Alicia Mak about her attempts to rid her home of bed bugs. We also heard from Councillor Janet Davis, who raised the motion. Listen audio (runs 8:35)


Fare Game

Toronto Taxi Drivers will be the stars of a play that hits the stage starting tomorrow night. We spoke to creator and performer of "Fare Game," Marjorie Chan. Listen audio (runs 7:09)


Lowering Your Heating Bill

The National Energy Board says you'll have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets to pay your home heating bills this winter. Steve Maxwell is a home improvement expert and syndicated newspaper columnist. He offered some tips to help minimize your bill. Listen audio (runs 5:52)


Balancing Competing Personal Rights

A Toronto woman has filed a complaint with the province's human rights commission after a local barber shop refused her service. They say it was against their religion. Faith McGregor talked about why she made the complaint and what she hopes comes out of it. Listen audio (runs 6:30)


Helping Out Hurricane Sandy's Victims

After a week of helping get the lights back on for thousands of New Yorkers in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Toronto Hydro crews have been sent home. Rob Milner is the Construction and Maintenance supervisor for Toronto Hydro. He talked about the work he did and his feelings about returning home. Listen audio (runs 5:27)


The Ballet goes to LA

The National Ballet of Canada's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" may be a familiar tale, but last month, the company did something it usually doesn't do -- it performed for an audience outside of Toronto. We spoke to Artistic Director Karen Kain about why the show ventured to Los Angeles. Listen audio (runs 5:23)


Making York University More Disability Friendly

Universities have made progress in becoming accessible to students with a variety of disabilities, but there's still a lot to be done. Marc Wilchesky is helping to make change happen. He's executive director of counselling and disability services at York University. Tomorrow, he's being honoured for his efforts. Listen audio (runs 5:49)


Spank!: A Fifty Shades of Grey Parody

Toronto audiences are about to get spanked... we'll hear how "50 Shades of Grey" has given birth to a parody, aptly named "Spank!" Director Jim Millan talked about his inspiration. Listen audio (runs 6:11)

The play hits the stage tomorrow evening and runs until November 18th. Tickets are available now.


Police Discuss Sex Assault Investigation

Toronto police continue their investigation into three separate random sex attacks that occured over the past day. Constable Tony Vella gave us and update and tips to women to help them protect themselves. Listen audio (runs 5:33)


Principals Facing Teachers' Work Action

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation is ramping up their work action. They're asking their members to do the minimum when it comes to administrative duties. That's not sitting well with the Ontario Principals' Council. Ken Arnott is the president of the association which represents principals and vice-principals. He explained their concerns. Listen audio (runs 6:32)


Future of Legions

Are Canada's legions becoming obsolete? With Remembrance Day around the corner, we talk about places that used to be the cornerstone of communities and a connection to our military. Listen audio (runs 6:16)


Reel Asian Film Festival: "Seeking Asian Female"

Many couples find one another on the internet. But what if the male is older and white, looking for a young, Asian woman? It's a phenomenon in North America, that raises questions about cultural stereotypes. Filmmaker Debbie Lum decided to explore those stereotypes in her documentary, "Seeking Asian Female". Listen audio (runs 8:11)

The film screens at The Royal Cinema on Sunday, November 11 at 1 p.m..


Reforming Witness Protection Programs

Toronto MP Olivia Chow says witnesses to crime aren't getting the protection they need... and that's having an effect on the police's ability to make arrests. Today, she called upon the federal government to make changes. She joined us with her thoughts. Listen audio (runs 6:44)


The History of the Moustache

It's something most men can do better than women and we're seeing hairy evidence of it this month. Movember is now a week in so we get a history lesson on the moustache. Listen audio (runs 9:37)


Cocktails and Conversations

When it comes to dating and relationships, there is sometimes a communication gap between men and women. Married couple Sean "aka SUBLIMINAL" and Nadine Mauricette explain why that's the case in the black community. Listen audio (runs 7:06)


The Power of The Youth Vote

Analysts are still crunching the numbers, taking a closer look at what propelled Barack Obama to win the presidency for a second term. One thing they're sure of, the youth vote made a big difference. We heard from Taylor Gunn, president of Civix, about what Canadians can learn from this result. Listen audio (runs 5:59)


Food Column: Elton Makes the Perfect Cuppa

This week our food columnist Sarah Elton visited The House of Tea at 1015 Yonge Street where she learned all about tea from Marisha Golla, a professional tea taster and the shop owner. Listen audio (runs 6:43)

Marisha gave Sarah a lesson about tea, introducing her to the terroir of the tea leaf that you can find in your cup. One of the teas Sarah sampled was from the Mokalbari plantation in India.

Marisha's tips for making the best cup of tea.

1. Start with filtered water. Cholorine can overpower the taste of tea.

2. Make sure your water is really boiling.

3. Warm up the pot by pouring in hot water and them emptying it first before you add the tea leaves.

4. For loose leaf tea, use one teaspoon of leaves per cup. If you are using a good quality tea, you don't need to add an extra spoon for the pot as is the custom.

5. Pour boiling hot water directly onto the tea.

6. Make sure the lid is on the pot.

7. Each tea has a different steeping time so make sure you steep accordingly.

8. If you take your tea with milk, warming the milk first enhances flavour of your tea.

9. Enjoy!


Curious City: Blackett on Urban Farms

If someone were to tell you Toronto has enough room to build over 50 full size commercial farms without sacrificing an inch of parkland you might give them an odd look. And that's what our Curious City columnist Matthew Blackett of Spacing magazine received when he joined us to share more. Listen audio (runs 5:37)


Jamaican Canadians for Obama

It was a historic night when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America four years ago. Will history repeat itself? The Jamaican Canadian Association hopes so. Phillip Mascoll is one of heir members. He explained why. Listen audio (runs 6:18)


TTC vice-chair wants to know who ordered buses for Ford's team

The chair of the TTC - Karen Stintz - is apologizing to riders who were forced off buses last Thursday, so those buses could drive to the aid of Mayor Rob Ford's football team. But her vice-chair, Counc. Glenn De Baeremaeker, wants to know who ordered those buses in the first place. Listen audio (runs 6:38)


Trustee offers new view of bus flap

Peter Jakovcic, the Catholic school board trustee for Ward 1 - which includes both Don Boscoe and Henry Carr high schools - explains why he believes TTC buses were ordered to ferry Mayor Rob Ford's football team home. Listen audio (runs 5:17)


Toronto's Condo Market Cools

Temperatures aren't the only thing cooling in the city today. So is Toronto's condominium market. According to two separate reports, the market is facing a decline. Sonya Gulati is a senior economist at TD Bank. She explained what's behind this. Listen audio (runs 6:36)


Police use Tablets to Assist in Cabbagetown Murder Investigation

Police routinely take to the streets in search of information. But in their continued efforts to find the person responsible for the Cabbagetown murdere, they're getting some high-tech help. Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux of the Toronto Police told us more. Listen audio (runs 3:50)


Byford reflects on one year in TTC driver's seat

A year after coming aboard the TTC, CEO Andy Byford talks about the challenges he's faced and his plans for the future. Listen audio (runs 9:16)


A Weekly Dose of Ritallin: Infamous Retirement

What's in a name? For a hurricane... a lot. Our resident poet, Greg Frankson has Sandy on his mind. He joined us to share his poem, "Infamous Retirement." Listen audio (runs 5:18)