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October 2012 Archives

The Scary, Last-Minute Costume Rush

If you haven't figured out who or what you're going to be tonight... don't be afraid. Costume shops are ready to lend a hand. Laura spoke to Shawn Hamilton. He's the owner of Amazing Party and Costume in west end Toronto. Listen audio (runs 4:38)


A Halloween tale

CBC Producer Mike Smee spins an original Halloween yarn: Two Headstones. Listen audio (runs 5:32) halloween12.jpg The real Two Headstones: An old graveyard on Yonge St., at Churchill Ave., north of Sheppard Ave. contains these two, nearly-identical tombstones memorializiing the same man.


Mentoring Between Somali Youth and Toronto Police

Police officers will patrol the Dixon-Islington area tonight, to make sure the peace is kept. But they'll also have the help of some local Somali youth. It's part of a larger mentorship project between police and the local community. Constable Roger Mayers is with the Divisional Policing Support Unit. And Zach Omar is a local resident who approached the police to develop the program. Laura spoke with both of them. Listen audio (runs 7:49)


How to Become Financially Literate

Time to get a grip on your bills, your investments, and your debt. Financial Literacy month starts tomorrow. Here and Now's business columnist Donna Guzick joined Laura with some tips to get your house in order. Listen audio (runs 6:27)

For more information on Financial Literacy Month, visit their website.


Preventing Heart Failure in Children

As every parent knows, kids get sick. But some typical symptoms of an illness could actually be something a lot more serious. Laura spoke with Dr. Paul Kantor. He is the lead author of new guidelines looking at how to prevent heart failure in children. Listen audio (runs 4:54)


The Financial Cost of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy downed power lines, flooded basements and even brought down a few trees on to cars. Laura talked about the cost of the storm to property owners with Peter Karageorgos. He is the manager of consumer and industry relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Listen audio (runs 5:56)


Toronto Hydro Prepares for Hurricane Sandy

Toronto is the windy city tonight. And that could be an issue for the power system. Laura heard from Toronto Hydro spokesperson Tanya Bruckemueller about what they're doing to help the lights stay on. Listen audio (runs 6:16)


Comedy and the Single Girl

Putting the laughs in single life. That's what Canadian comic Debra DiGiovanni is trying to do. She spoke with Laura about how she wound up as the only single gal on the Relationship Edition of the Just for Laughs Cross-Canada Comedy Tour. Listen audio (runs 5:25)


A Look Back at Toronto Fashion Week

Canadian designers took centre stage at Toronto's Fashion Week. Guest host Wei Chen heard about what's making this year's hemlines from the editor-in-chief of Fashion Magazine, Bernadette Morra. Listen audio (runs 5:42)


Swedish Play "The 20th of November" Debuts in Toronto

What goes on in the mind of a mass murderer? A Swedish play making its Toronto debut asks that question. Laura heard from Steve McCarthy. He brought "The 20th of November" here and is directing its run. Listen audio (runs 6:33)

"The 20th of November" is making its English-language debut tonight, at 499 Dundas Street West. The play is on at 9 p.m. each night until this Sunday. Tickets are available at the door.


Cabbagetown Resident Talks About Vigil and Safety

Today, another vigil is planned to honour the life of Nighisti Semret. But while residents are remembering the woman who was killed, some are taking a closer look at just how safe their neighbourhood is. Laura spoke with Samantha Thornton, a Cabbagetown resident and co-organizer of tonight's vigil. Listen audio (runs 6:42)


Food Column: Sarah Elton Cooks Burmese

There are a lot of people in Toronto who have devoted their careers to food. One of these people is Naomi Duguid. She is the author of a new cookbook featuring Burmese cuisine. It's called Burma: Rivers of Flavor. Our food columnist Sarah Elton told us how it isn't only a book about food from a faraway place but that it is a book that invites us to explore more food in our own city. Listen audio (runs 7:43)

Naomi's tips for exploring food culture in our city's grocery stores: - buy new ingredients - shop in new places - watch what other people are buying - and don't be afraid to ask questions even if the other person doesn't speak your same language!


Dealing with Police and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

The province's police officers are suffering in a culture of silence that prevents them from talking about post-traumatic stress disorder. That's according to a new report from the Ontario Ombudsman's office. Cheri DiNovo is the MPP for Parkdale-High Park. She's raised the issue of PTSD and front-line responders in the Legislature. Laura spoke with her about what this report could achieve. Listen audio (runs 5:12)


Healing Words at the Hospital

It's been said that the written word can heal. And that's an idea Mount Sinai Hospital is putting to the test. Laura heard from the hospital's Poet-in-Residence, Ronna Bloom and Dr. Allan Peterkin. He's a psychiatrist at the Mount Sinai and head of the University of Toronto's Health, Arts and Humanities program. Listen audio (runs 8:38)


Smoking section may be getting even smaller

Smokers may soon get yet another reason to quit: The city's considering making it even tougher to light up anywhere outside your own home. Laura Di Battista asks Medical Officer of health Dr. David Mckeown about the possible changes. Listen audio (runs 4:54)


The Life of City Builder David Pecaut

David Pecaut had a unique talent when it came to city-building -- his gift for teamwork, and for inspiring people with his vision of what was possible. Now, his wife Helen Burstyn has written a memoir about her husband. Tonight, there's a launch party for the book, Eleven out of Ten: the Life and Work of David Pecaut. Helen Burstyn met the CBC's Mary Wiens at David Pecaut Square to talk about the man for whom one of Toronto's busiest civic squares was named. Listen audio (runs 6:01)


This is the Place: The CN Tower Show

There is a show on in town that everyone in Toronto should see...because one way or another, everyone in Toronto is in it. Even the CN Tower. Greg Gale and Georgina Beaty are two of the four performers in THIS IS THE PLACE: THE CN TOWER SHOW. Laura heard from them. Listen audio (runs 8:58)

The show is on now until October 27 at Theatre Passe Muraille.


Anthony unveils Millionaire Artist Workshop

Are you an artist who's hoping to win big in tonight's lottery? If that doesn't work out, you might want to check out Trey Anthony's one-day "Millionaire Artist Workshop". She chats with Laura Di Battista. Listen audio (runs 4:49)


Tearing down the Gardiner not an option - Minnan-Wong

A new report on the crumbling Gardiner Expressway re-ignites the debate over the highway's future. Public Works and Infrastructure Chair Denzil Minnan-Wong explains what he'd like to see done. Listen audio (runs 5:45)


Reporting Bullying to the Authorities

Eight London, Ontario teens have been charged with criminal harassment after an anonymous tip was posted on their high school's website. Laura spoke to Bill Tucker, the Director of Education of the Thames Valley District School Board. He explained why they encourage anonymous reporting of bullying. Listen audio (runs 6:06)


A Lecture for Ontario's Teachers' Unions

The province's Minister of Education wants elementary teachers to do their homework... and fill out report cards properly. Laura heard Laurel Broten's response to the union's suggestion that teachers hold back their work. Listen audio (runs 7:09)


A New Museum of Canadian History

Canadians are at times, accused of not knowing our history. Which is why the federal government is changing one of its key museums in Ottawa to better reflect our history. And they want your help in determining which stories should be told. Laura heard from Heritage Minister James Moore about the Museum of Canadian History. Listen audio (runs 6:41)

Go to this website to share your ideas for the new museum.


The End of Non-Fiction Books?

What appetite exists for a world where there are no more non-fiction books, but non-fiction apps? Laura discussed the idea with business thinker Don Tapscott, who's just launched his latest venture, the Don Tapscott app. Listen audio (runs 6:48)


Students Need A New Health Curriculum

Parents have the expectation that when they send their kids to school, they'll learn new ideas. Which why an advocacy group for improving health education is asking why an old curriculum is still being taught. Chris Markham is the executive director and CEO of Ophea. They released a new report that calls for a change. Listen audio (runs 8:12)


Public Sector Unions Talk Resignation... and Prorogation

A lot of government business ground to a halt today, now that the Legislature is prorogued. But negotiations with the public sector unions will continue. Laura spoke with Ken Coran, the president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation and Smokey Thomas, president of OPSEU, the union that represents thousands of public servants. Listen audio (runs 12:10)


Peel School Board Wins Award For Suicide Prevention

Peel district School Board was making headlines for the most tragic of reasons a year ago. Today they are receiving a media award for their work in suicide prevention. Brian Woodland is the Communications Director for Peel District School Board and co-creator of a video made to examine the issues around suicide. He told Laura what the award means to the Board and its students. Listen audio (runs 5:43)


Drop And Dash - Safety At The School Gates

Speeding and texting are never acceptable violations when you are behind the wheel. But how many of us are guilty when dropping the kids at the school gates? Well, that's not unheard of, say many parents who witness it daily during drop-off and pick-up. Laura heard more about those concerns. Gail Robertson is the Road Safety Ambassador with Insurance Hunter, who conducted the research and Linda Rothman is from the Research Institute at Sick Kids. Listen audio (runs 10:01)


How To Talk To Your Kids About Bullying

Talking about death with your children is never easy. But talking about the suicide of a young person who'd had problems with bullying is even more complicated. So how do you approach the topic? Laura spoke with psychotherapist and parenting book author Alyson Schafer for ideas. Listen audio (runs 7:24)


Dwight Duncan Discusses Ontario's Finances

Ontario's economic health is relatively good... that's the word out of Queen's Park today. Laura discussed the fiscal update with the province's Finance Minister, Dwight Duncan. Listen audio (runs 6:18)


A Casino For Front Street?

The Convention Centre is the site for a proposed makeover that will change the face of Front Street. Laura spoke to Toronto Star architecture critic Christopher Hume about the value it may bring to the city. Listen audio (runs 5:58)


When A Parent Decides To Strike

When kids refuse to do their chores, most parents cave ... and do the job themselves. But one mom decided to go on strike. For six days she refused to do any chores or clean up after her approach that has elicited very mixed reactions. Kathy Buckworth is a mom of four and the author of the forthcoming book, "I Am So the Boss of You." She shared her thoughts. Listen audio (runs 6:25)


Getting Your Hockey Fix Through Literature

Looking for your hockey fix, while NHL players are locked out? Sports historian Bill Humber has a list of terrific hockey books to help pass the time until the game returns.

Bill Humber's hockey book list

Dave Bidini - ECW Press - 'A Wild Stab For It: This Is Game 8 From Russia'

Leesa Culp, Gregg Drinnan, Bob Wilkie - Dundurn Press - 'Sudden Death: The Incredible Saga of the 1986 Swift Current Broncos'

Tal Pinchevsky - John Wiley and Sons - 'Breakaway: From Behind the Iron Curtain to the NHL - the untold story of great escapes'

Tom Bartsiokas, Corey Long - Women's Press Literary - 'Angela James: The First Superstar of Women's Hockey'


A Preview of The Toronto Book Award Nominees

Five very different books are on the shortlist for the Toronto Book Awards. Short stories, fiction, non-fiction and even a poetry title are all competing for the top prize. Kristina Thornley is the chair of the Awards jury. She spoke to Laura about having to make hard choices. Listen audio (runs 5:34)

The ceremony is open to the public, which is being held at the Bluma & Bram Appel Salon at Toronto Reference Library. It begins at 7 p.m..


Preventing Domestic Abuse in South Asian Communities

A new report calls for a different approach and greater cultural sensitivity when it comes to dealing with domestic violence in Toronto's South Asian communites. Dr. Naila Butt is the executive director of Social Services Network, an agency that provides support to South Asians living in the Greater Markham region. She explained more. Listen audio (runs 7:46)


Food Column: Elton on Young Farmers

This past weekend, many of us sat down to a Thanksgiving feast. It's the time of year when we celebrate all the food that this country produces. But the farmers who grow this harvest in our province are growing older and older and older. The latest from Statistics Canada shows that most farmers are older than 55 years old. And there aren't a lot of young people who are rushing to take over the farm.

This had our food columnist, Sarah Elton, wondering about the future. So she talked with a 14 year-old who helps with his family's organic farm, and talked about how organizations such as FarmStart is helping to get a new generation on the farm. Listen audio (runs 6:07)

Sarah mentioned she'd suggest a few books that shed light on why farming hasn't been appealing to young people for a few decades. Here are her picks:

Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma is already a classic. For a Canadian perspective on farming life, she recommends Margaret Webb's Apples to Oysters. Sarah also wrote a book about this: Locavore: From Farmers' Fields to Rooftop Gardens, How Canadians Are Changing the Way We Eat.


Driving An Electric Car

If you're tired of paying over $1.20 a litre for gas, there is another alternative. Go electric. Cara Clairman is the CEO of Plug n' Drive, a company that promotes the use of electric cars. Tonight, she's judging a competition looking at sustainable transportation, which is part of the MOVE: Innovation Talks at the Evergreen Brickworks. Listen audio (runs 6:00)


Curious City: Vandalism vs. Art

When is spray paint on the side of a building art? Or is it always vandalism? Our Curious City columnist Matthew Blackett tackles that question. Listen audio (runs 5:38)


13-year-old's movie making waves

Torontonian Hamid Gahssemi-Shall was visiting his sick mother in Iran when he was charged with being a spy and thrown into Tehran's infamous Evin prison. That was in 2008. Hamid has now been sentenced to death. When 13 year old Beatrice Perusse learned about this story, she decided to take action. She made a movie, 'Free Hamid'. She joined Here and Now along with Hamid's wife Antonella Mega. Listen audio (runs 7:19) For more information:


MOVE: Innovation Talks - Designing Greenway Corridors

Fed up with the crowded roads or sandwiching yourself inside a streetcar to get to work? You may want to try taking a... kayak. We'll hear about a discussion tonight that looks at greener ways to commute. David Stonehouse is the general manager of The Evergreen Brickworks. He joined Laura. Listen audio (runs 6:45)

The talk is one segment in a series of ongoing weekly conversations that we've been previewing on Here and Now. Tonight's discussion begins at 7:00 p.m..


Breaking Down Employment Barriers for New Canadians

Finding work in their profession is one of the barriers new Canadians face when it comes to getting settled here. It's a point the Toronto Community Foundation made in their annual Vital Signs Report. Laura heard how one Mississauga company is breaking down those barriers. Vidhya Kumar is the regional human resources specialist for the Maxxam Analytics in Mississauga. She joined us. Listen audio (runs 6:45)


Five Authors Vie for The 2012 Giller Prize

The Giller effect is something many authors long to experience. Now, five writers are vying for the prize... and the rewards that come with it. Laura heard more about this year's shorlist from CBC Book's Erin Balser. Listen audio (runs 7:14)


David Mirvish Remakes King Street West

The curtain is closing on The Princess of Wales Theatre. And for theatre impresario David Mirvish's next act? He's developing three condominum towers, a gallery for his art and helping to expand OCADU's campus. He joined Laura to talk about his new plans. Listen audio (runs 7:25)