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September 2012 Archives

The Art of The Barter

Students at a new school are learning to drive an easy bargain. Laura heard from co-founder Michelle Van Looy to find out why Trade School Toronto is teaching the art of barter. Listen audio (runs 5:47)

For more information about Trade School, please visit HERE.


Nuit Blanche: Queen Street Cartography

According to some, perspective is everything... Tomorrow night at Nuit Blanche, the perspectives of people with disabilities will be on full display at Queen Street Cartography. Curator Jan Derbyshire spoke with Laura about the exhibit. Listen audio (runs 5:48)

Queen Street Cartography can be seen at OCAD University's Open Gallery, 49 McCaul St.


Put Food in the Budget

Thousands of people in the GTA rely on social assistance to make ends meet. Now, a group of artists are raising money to give them a hand up. Greg Frankson, better known as Ritallin talked about Soulstice, a fundraiser for Put Food in the Budget. Listen audio (runs 5:45)

Doors open at 7:30 at the Waterfall Indian Tapas in Kensington Market. For more information, check out


Why You Should Never Jaywalk

Who hasn't jaywalked across the street while chatting on the phone or listening to their mp3 player? But once you hear Brit Taylor's story, you'll think twice. She spoke with Laura and told her why she's a reformed pedestrian. Listen audio (runs 6:16)


Getting Unfit Drivers to Put Away Their Car Keys

Admitting it's time to put away the car keys is never easy, but according to a new study, people are more likely if their doctor tells them to. Dr. Donald Redelmeier is the lead researcher in a study that looks at the influence doctors have on unfit drivers. It released today in the New England Journal of Medicine. Listen audio (runs 5:09)


Sarah Elton Wraps Her Toronto Food Tour

We've been taking a tour around the GTA and tasting all the fantastic food that you can find in our plazas and strip malls with our food columnist Sarah Elton. We've been to Scarborough. We've been to Jane and Finch. We've been to Mississauga. This week features the last instalment of Neighbourhood Food Tour Series: a trip to North York. Listen audio (runs 9:12)

Sarah headed north from Finch, up Yonge Street with Joel Solish, a self-proclaimed Community Foodist who works with local food industry partners ( The few blocks of the street they visited recalled many food memories for Joel-and also the history of the area. They also ate some darn good food.

They tried: (please excuse the possible errors in the transliteration of Korean and Persian below)

- The kam pun gi at Cho Won Family Restaurant, 17 Drewry Avenue
- The amazing pastries such as the zulbia, gulshe fil (elephants' ears) and bamiyan at PARS Food, 6087 Yonge St
- Some eggplant dip (badam jahn kashk) and fresh baked Persian bread at Khorak 6125 Yonge Street


Impulse spending and how to cure it

The Bank of Montreal just released a report that supports what some of us know all too well: Most Canadians cheer themselves up by...spending money. Lots of money. On average, several thousand dollars a year. Joining Here and Now to talk about the phenomenon of impulse spending - and how to cure it - was Gail Vaz Oxlade. She's the author of Debt Free Forever and most recently It's Your Money. She also hosts the TV series Princess, and Til Debt Do Us Part. Listen audio (runs 6:37)


Muslim Rage: The Myth and Realities

According to Newsweek Magazine, Muslim Rage is sweeping through the Middle East and is responsible for numerous protests throughout the region. However, according to Mohammad Fadel, a professor at the Faculty of Law of The University of Toronto, the term creates numerous problems. Laura heard from him. Listen audio (runs 6:36)

"Muslim Rage: Myth and Realities" starts at 7:30 at U of T's Hart House.


Building a "Gigaregion" in the Greater Toronto Area

You may not have heard of something called the "gigaregion". It's a new method to look at urban planning. Toby Lennox explained what it means for the GTA. He is a vice-president of corporate communications with the Greater Toronto Airport Authority. Listen audio (runs 7:03)

The talk about gigaregion is part of the Evergreen Brickwork's MOVE: Innovation Talks happening every Tuesday. Tonight's discussion begins at 7 p.m..


Mirvish Productions Goes Indie

The new season of Mirvish Productions features work from new artists. John Karastamatis explained why. Listen audio (runs 6:26)


Making Apartment Neighbourhoods Healthier Places to Live

When it comes to urban development, there are many aspects to consider. But health isn't necessarily one of them. Now, Toronto Public Health wants to change this. Monica Campbell is the city's Director of Healthy Public Policy. She told Laura why. Listen audio (runs 6:13)


Police hunt for south Etobicoke predator

Laura Di Battista gets the latest on the search in south Etobicoke for a man's who's been breaking into homes and sexually assaulting elderly women. Listen audio (runs 3:51)


PM Harper subject of play

PROUD is a play about a Canadian prime minister that was yanked from a theatre lineup. Now it's found another way to the stage, and is finally able to be seen. We get a peek into what all the fuss was about, on Here and Now. Listen audio (runs 7:09)


Parents Taking on Extra-Curricular Activities

This school year, some parents are doing extra duty after the bell rings. Kathleen Maclean is a parent who's helping out with a running club at Dewson Public School. She told Laura why. Listen audio (runs 6:28)


When Despots Were Young

Everyone was a child once, even the most reviled dictators of the 20th century. Laura spoke with Anton Piatigorsky, author of a book that profiles people like Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin and imagines what they were like as teenagers. It's called "The Iron Bridge". Listen audio (runs 6:35)


Battling Children's Bulges

Who is "Canada's Biggest Loser"? According to new Statistics Canada, it's our children. A third of them are obese or overweight and that has serious implications for everyone. Laura heard from Dr. David McKeown, Toronto's medical officer of health about this growing concern. Listen audio (runs 5:46)


Taking Business Lessons About Diversity From the Windy City

Mayor Rob Ford's trade mission to Chicago is wrapping up this afternoon. And for the first time in a local trade mission, diversity is on the table. Laura found out why, from Courtney Betty, a lawyer with Miller Canfield. Listen audio (runs 5:30)


York U Student Paper Targeted by Protesters

York University's student newspaper was the subject of a demonstration Wednesday. Jane Finch Action Against Poverty organized the rally near the Excalibur's office. They're angry at what they say is a campaign by the paper to blame their neighborhood for some of the violent attacks and sexual assaults that have plagued the campus. One editorial in particular says Jane-Finch has one of the highest crime rates in the country. And points out that it's right next door to the York campus. Joining Laura with more on what's angering the community was one of the rally organizers, and former York student, Ama Amponsah. Listen audio (runs 5:16)


Sarah Elton's Food Tour of Mississauga

Here and Now has been visiting the best foodie neighbourhoods this September. Every week this month, our food columnist Sarah Elton has been eating her way across some of the GTA's best places to go for good food in what we are calling our Neighbourhood Food Tour Series. And each week, Sarah has gone out with a local guide who knows the best places to find great food.

This week, Sarah visited Mississauga with Suresh Dos, the publisher of the Toronto based food and drink website Spotlight Toronto. They restaurant hopped one rainy noon hour and visited three gems.

1. Chiu Chow Man 1177 Central Parkway West Mississauga, ON L5C 2T1, Canada

2. Lion City Restaurant 1177 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P3, Unit #70

3. Dosa Palace, 21 Dundas Street, #2 Mississauga ON

Listen audio (runs 7:45)


Increasing Safety for Pedestrians

Jaywalking, texting and otherwise being distracted. These are just a few of the reasons pedestrians have died as a result of traffic-related accidents. Today, the chief coroner's office has released a report calling for changes to help keep the sidewalks safer. Laura heard from Dr. Bert Lauwers, Deputy Chief Coroner for Ontario. Listen audio (runs 7:48)


West End Sexual Assaults

Police continue their search for a man who broke into several Etobicoke homes earlier today. It's a frightening scenario for residents. Laura heard from Amanda Dale, the executive director of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. She talked to her about the ongoing investigation. Listen audio (runs 7:18)


Building The Information Highway

When it comes to redeveloping a city, what matters most? Roads? Transit? Or is it technological infrastructure? According to some developers, how we travel the information highway is. Laura spoke with Rick Huijbregts. He's the Vice-President of Smart and Connected Communities for Cisco Systems. Listen audio (runs 7:34)


Expanding Free HPV Vaccines for Girls

The HPV vaccine is free if you're a Grade 8 female student here in Toronto. But starting today, public health is expanding who can receive it a free vaccination. Vinita Dubey is the associate medical officer of health for Toronto Public Health. She explained why. Listen audio (runs 6:14)


CAW and Ford's New Tentative Agreement

With hours to go until the end of their contract with the Big Three Auto, the Canadian Auto Workers managed to come to an agreement with one of them. Laura spoke with Charlotte Yates, professor of labour studies and political science to fine out what the terms of this deal means for the CAW and other unionized workers. Listen audio (runs 7:10)


Theatre Outside of Four Walls

This weekend, you can go to the theatre -- or go INTO the show and get immersed in the production. Andy McKim, artistic director for Theatre Passe Muraille came by with a ticket for a brand new, Toronto style theatre experience. Listen audio (runs 9:38)


Teachers Grappling with Extra-Curricular Activities

At the end of the day, many high school students are taking part in after-school activities. But that's up in the air this year as teachers battle the Ministry of Education. Laura spoke with Brian Vincent, a music teacher at Thomas A. Blakelock Secondary School about his efforts to just carry on. Listen audio (runs 7:30)


Enter The Toy Box

This fall, Theatre Passe Muraille is looking to create a new kind of theatre...something that goes outside the box. And to achieve that, they have a production that puts you INSIDE a box. Theatre designers Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson have built a life size toy box for everyone and anyone to play in--no matter your age. As well as having traditional toys like Lego and Play-Doh, the Toy Box has a green screen and projector where you can enter a new digital world. Here and Now's Lily Ames met Beth Kates in the Toy Box. Listen audio (runs 3:16)


Chief Bill Blair Holds a Town Hall to Address Violence

Residents of the Danzig Street community are being asked for their opinions on community safety and how the police can help them. Laura heard from Chief Bill Blair to find out what he intends to do with the information. Listen audio (runs 7:23)


Keeping Motorcycle Riders Safe on the Road

Three motorcyclists are dead in as many weeks. Andy Hertel is the Manager of the Motorcycle Riding Program at Humber College and Chief Instructor for the Canada Safety Council. He joined Laura to explain what it takes for riders to safe... and what it means for everyone else on the road. Listen audio (runs 6:37)


Doug Ford Defends Mayor's Coaching Job

Reporters covering City Hall and mayor Rob Ford are once again having a field day, today. There are reports this morning that two of the mayor's staff members are doing double duty, helping coach the mayor's high school football team. The mayor's office issued a statement earlier this afternoon, defending the mayor's decision to take TIME OUT from his city hall duties to help coach the team at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. Also defending the mayor's is his brother - Counc. Doug Ford, who represents Ward 2 Etobicoke North. He joined Here and Now with his take on the controversy. Listen audio (runs 7:59)


Food Column: Sarah Elton Tours Jane-Finch Neighbourhood

If Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, then Toronto is also a city of
neighbourhood food. In each neighbourhood in the GTA you will find great food of all sorts-you just need to know where to look. Our food columnist is spending the month of September visiting different neighbourhoods across the GTA . She's going there to eat with the people who know where to find the best food. Last week, Sarah took us to Scarborough. This week's culinary tour takes us to Jane and Finch where Joshua Arredondo took her to three places for some excellent Latin American food. Listen audio (runs 7:50) 1. Plaza Latina - 9 Milvan Drive near Finch Avenue West and Weston Sarah and Joshua visited Chilango Taco where they had the pork sope. 2. Nearby, on Finch at Rumike, they went to Pupuseria Salvadorena. It's a small restaurant in the strip mall on the corner. Sarah recommends the bean and cheese pupusa. 3. Then off they went to the Columbian bakery, Columbus Bakery at 2111 Jane Street where they are known for their chicharron, their empanadas and bunuelos.


No Extra-Curricular Activities for High School Students

High school students who take part in extra-curricular activities today will have to find something else to do after class. That's because their teachers are taking a one day break from supervising. Laura spoke with Ken Coran, president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation to find out what his union is trying to achieve. Listen audio (runs 7:28)


Preserving Natural Capital in the Urban Environment

How we get around Toronto is always a topic of discussion. And there are any number of opinions as to how transit can be improved. Tonight, a panel of urban thinkers will share their thoughts. Faisal Moola is one of them. He's a professor of forestry at the University of Toronto and the Director-General of the Ontario Region for The David Suzuki Foundation. Listen audio (runs 6:08)


Parental Rights vs. Public School Boards

As school children settle into their second week of classes, a Hamilton father is hoping his kids will soon be allowed to opt out of some of their lessons. Steve Tourloukis belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. And according to him, it's his religious right to teach his kids his beliefs around sexualitly, marriage and reproduction. So, he's asked his local school to tell him when his children will be taught material he may have concerns about. But up until now, the school has refused.And now, he's taking the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board to Court. Albertos Polizogopoulos is the lawyer representing his case. Listen audio (runs 7:04)


Asking Tourists to Discover Ontario

The provincial government wants Ontario to be the place tourists from around the world discover. Laura spoke with Beth Potter, the president of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario about new plans to expand the number of tourism professionals to help them with their explorations. Listen audio (runs 6:31)


Change Your Name Ousama

Rendition. Water-boarding. Surveillance. These are all terms we've become familiar with post-9/11. A new documentary looks at how the new world order affected Muslims in particular. Laura spoke to Fuad Chowdhury, the director of "Change Your Name Ousama". Listen audio (runs 8:01) The film screen tonight at 7:00 p.m. at The Fox Theatre.


Documentaries at TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival is know for promoting the best feature films from the global stage, but it's also a place to see the best documentaries. Mark Wigmore, documentary aficionado and producer of "On the Doc" joined Laura with his recommendations. Listen audio (runs 6:15)


Paralympic Games from London

Canada's medal haul at the Paralympics continues to grow. As the London 2012 Games come to a close this weekend, Laura heard from a former Canadian Paralympian Rob Snoek about Team Canada's competitive prowess. Listen audio (runs 6:27)


City Wades into Basement Flooding Problem

There are two things that people who live in MOST parts of the city can be guaranteed of, after a major rainfall: A greener lawn. And a flooded basement. In fact, flooding is so common in most parts of the city that Toronto Water is right now in the midst of a major investigation aimed at uncovering the worst trouble spots - and, hopefully, fixing them. Of course, that's cold comfort, if the city's investigators haven't yet addressed your neighborhood's problem. And one of the people who can answer your questions is the HEAD of Toronto Water, Lou Di Gironimo. He joined Here and Now on Thursday. Listen audio (runs 6:23)


Film Critics Pick for TIFF

This is the time of year film aficionados most look forward to, when every movie theatre in town is screening a movie for the Toronto International Film Festival. And over next week-and-a-half, there will be plenty of film to see. But even for seasoned veterans, deciding what to check out is a challenge. Well today, we have some professional help for you. Two film critics are here with their recommendations and a look at what they think will generate the most buzz. Norm Wilner writes for NOW Magazine. And Karen Gordon is of course, a familiar voice... you hear her every Friday on Metro Morning. Listen audio (runs 6:16)


Sarah Elton Does a Food Tour

Our food columnist Sarah Elton was in today with her first instalment in her month long neighbourhood food tour series. Each week, in this month of September, Sarah will go on a food tour with a local neighbourhood foodie to uncover the best places to eat across the GTA, in areas not known for their gastronomy.

SCARBOROUGH: Along with Harriet Lee of the Toronto Food Fest, Sarah visited

1. Marathon Coffee and Donuts 3300 Midland Avenue #32 Scarborough, ON M1V 4A1, Canada (416) 299-9511

2. Francesca Bakery 2 Invergordon Ave Toronto, ON M1S 2Y8 (416) 299-1174

3. One 2 Snack 8 Glen Watford Dr Unit 26 Scarborough, ON M1S 2C1 Neighbourhood: Scarborough (647) 340-7099.

And for more information about the Toronto Food Fest,visit their website Or on twitter. Sarah's guide was Harriet Lee. You can find her on twitter.

Listen audio (runs 8:49)


To Spank or Not To Spank

To spank... or not to spank.... According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, spanking a child is never okay. Laura spoke with Barbara Coloroso, author of "Just Because It's Not Wrong, Doesn't Make It Right for her thoughts on calls to do away with the Criminal Code's so-called spanking law. Listen audio (runs 6:32)


Is Organic Food Better?

If you're buying organic for the nutritional benefits... you might want to save your money. According to a new study, there's not a lot of difference between organic and non-organic. Laura spoke with Sylvain Charlebois. He's a food distribution and policy researcher at the University of Guelph. Listen audio (runs 6:19)


An Education

Not so long ago, everyone went to the school down the street. But times have changed. Laura spoke with Annie Kidder, executive director of People For Education to find out why a growing number of parents are looking for alternatives to the neighbourhood school. Listen audio (runs 6:26)


Better Cafeteria Food

Mystery meat, mushy vegetables and frozen fries could be a thing of the past in schoool cafeterias if Chef Susur Lee has his way. The renowned restaurateur spoke with Laura about his new contract with the Toronto District School Board. Listen audio (runs 6:39)