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CBC News Online brings news from Canada's public broadcaster
to the Internet

Building on the strengths of CBC Radio and Television news, CBC News Online
delivers a distinctly Canadian perspective on national and international news.

The news site is updated around the clock with the latest breakingnews. But
it offers more than just the headlines. This web site also
adds context to the
major stories of the day through indepth background reports.
To find out more
read our faq, or contact us.

Organized around six key sections - Top News, Indepth, Viewpoint, Science, Programs and Live - the News zone tracks the latest headlines and offers both in-depth and up-to-the-minute reports in text, audio, and video formats.

Current features include commentary from online columnists Martin O'Malley and Judy Rebick, who are joined in the Viewpoint section by veteran CBC journalists Larry Zolf and Rex Murphy. We also highlight diaries written by Canadians who offer a unique perspective on some of the issues covered on an ongoing basis.

Links to breaking news and program highlights from CBC Newsworld can be found in the Live section. And for those who like their news in bits and bytes, the CBC News Online NewsDigest delivers top new headlines with its customizable e-mail service.


How do you select the top stories?

Often this is a simple process. When news breaks, we get the latest facts to the top of our site. Often, however, this process is not so simple. When there is no clear, breaking news to lead our site with, our editorial team looks at what the CBC's Radio and Television services are covering and guages which stories should be on the top of our site. This decision is made continuously throughout the day. Once a day our staff gathers at a meeting where each unit within CBC News Online outlines its story plans for the day.

Who writes all this stuff?

CBC News Online has a small, dedicated team of writers that works around
the clock producing news for our web site. Our writers work with scripts
from our Television and Radio services as well as wire services that provide additional information. Most of our writers and editors have worked in other parts of the CBC and a few have come to us directly from Canadian newspapers.

How often do you up-date the web site and wireless content?

Both the web site and our wireless service are updated continuously
as events warrant. We are on alert for breaking news 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

Can I use your report on my web site?

All of the content on our site is copyrighted and is the property of the CBC. Often, however, CBC News Online allows other sites to put our headlines on their web sites by subscribing to our Affiliates Program.

There are some conditions and one of them is that you contact us about it first.

To do that, email Bob Kerr, at bob_kerr@cbc.ca and he will handle your request.

How do I find a story in your archives?

Click on Search.


If you have any concerns about something on the news web site, please send us a note at letters@cbc.ca.

While we are not always able to respond personally to your letter, we assure you that it will be passed along to senior staff in the appropriate part of our site.We value contact with our audience, and your input helps us focus our efforts.