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Wednesday, December 03, 2014, Broadcast of “The Shepherd” on CBC Radio

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Why can’t I hear the new CBC Music genre streams?

"CBC Music", provides a full range of online and mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) music choices, including live streaming of Radio 2 and Radio 3. These live radio streams are available to everyone inside and outside Canada.

Additionally CBC Music has 14 genre-based online communities. providing 40 web radio stations such as Classical, Songwriters, Hip-Hop etc. These CBC Genre streams are ONLY be available within Canada as the CBC does not hold international distribution rights for the music streams. We are required to "geo-fence" (block) those streams so that they are only accessible within Canada.
If you live in Canada and cannot access the music streams, please check if there is a temporary issue (e.g.: loss of signal, etc.) or, if your internet service provider is based in the U.S. or is routed through the U.S. This would mean the IP address would not appear to be Canadian and therefore would be blocked. To determine this check with your internet service provider.

Why do I get Flash update messages that stop me from watching your videos

If you are using IE 11 and are being prompted to download Flash, even though you already have it please try the following.

  1. In IE click the gear in the top right corner.
  2. Select Compatibilty View settings
  3. Make sure:
    • Use Microsoft compatibility lists is checked
    • cbc.ca is not listed in the Websites you've added to Compatibility View window. If it is select it and click Remove.
  4. Select Close

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