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Wednesday, December 03, 2014, Broadcast of “The Shepherd” on CBC Radio

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The closed captioning is missing or appears to be gibberish. What is the problem?

CBC provides captioning on 100% of the schedule on all our CBC network stations and CBC News Network. CBC’s Media Presentation Centre is equipped with a technical alert that signals any problem with captioning from any of our stations across Canada. Only rarely does CBC lose closed captioning, and when we do, we are immediately signalled and working to correct it. It is very possible that the problem you are experiencing is not originating with the broadcast signal coming from CBC. If you are receiving your television signals through a third party TV distribution service (cable, satellite, or telecom) it is important to understand that CBC and the other TV signals you receive, are processed through the third party’s distribution technology on their way to your home, and out of CBC’s control. There are many ways that the captioning on one channel or more, can be impacted by technical glitches in this distribution chain. There is also a possibility that your set-top box or home TV receiver is malfunctioning. We encourage you to check with your provider as the problem may be originating in their system. If you are viewing at the gym, the captioning may be compromised due to signal splitting to multiple monitors. This can result in missing characters or what appears to gibberish. If you are unable to get the problem corrected by your supplier, or if you receive your TV signals via an antenna off-air, CBC would like to help you. When you contact us please provide answers to several questions :

1. Do you get your television signal over the air (antenna) or from a cable, satellite, or telecom company? Please specify which company and type of service.

2.What is your exact location please?

3.How long have you been experiencing the captioning problems?

4. Have you checked other TVs in the house or asked a family member or neighbour if they have had a similar experience? If so, are they getting their signal in the same way, ie over the air, cable or satellite, same company ?

The answers to these questions will help us isolate the source of the problem.

Is there any closed captioning on CBC.ca?


Many full programs, long-form scripted and unscripted, are available with closed captioning at www.CBC.ca/player/ In most cases, the preceding commercials are not supplied to CBC with captioning, but once they finish playing, look for the CC button on the player to activate. Some types of content are not yet available with closed captioning. Captioning is not yet available on most short form content, such as web-first time sensitive news clips. Also, clips taken from full programs lose captioning in the editing process. The National as a full program has captioning, but individual stories taken from The National do not. We understand that closed captioning is important to many Canadians and CBC is working hard toward the eventual provision of captioning on all new content online.

What Described Video is on CBC Television and CBC News Network?

Q:Is there any Described Video available on CBC networks?

Described Video is available on many programs on CBC networks. To see which programs will be provided with DV, please see www.cbc.ca/programguide.


Q:Is there any Described Video available on CBC.ca?

Described Video is not yet available on CBC.ca. We are working with the vendor of the CBC video player for enhancements that will include provision of DV in the future.

Why am I hearing a narrator describing what’s happening on the program I am watching?

You are hearing Described Video (DV), an enhancement that allows people who are blind or have low vision to enjoy the program. Your TV or set-top box will have an audio or language setting that allows you to select normal audio or DV. The brand of TV or set-top box you are using will determine the menu and audio labels you might see. If you have accidentally turned on a selection labeled as SAP, Secondary Audio Program, Described Video, Descriptive Video, Audio Description, or something similar, you’ll hear DV on the programs that have that enhancement. If you have difficulty with finding these settings, you should consult your cable, satellite, or telcom service provider, or the manual for your television.

Why am I hearing the AMI Audio service instead of the correct audio on CBC News Network?

AMI Audio (Accessible Media Inc Audio) is a service, much like a radio station, that is specifically programmed for people who are blind or have low-vision. CBC News Network provides distribution for AMI Audio on one of its alternate audio channels. If you are hearing either AMI Audio, or Described Video, you may have inadvertently set an audio or language setting on your TV or set-top box to activate it. If you have difficulty with finding these settings, you should consult your cable, satellite, or telcom service provider, or the manual for your television.

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