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CBC Radio Frequencies

Find our Frequency link.

Video is choppy or stuttering but the audio is alright.  What should I do to fix it?

This is most likely an issue with your computer's hardware.

First ensure that your system meets our minimum requirements as listed above.

Check the CPU usage on your computer. To check this on Windows, right-click on your task bar, launch the Task Manager and go to the Performance tab. On a Mac, go to Applications, then Utilities and launch the Activity Monitor. If the CPU usage while watching CBC videos is above 50% (or 100% on Mac with a dual-core processor), try shutting down any applications that may be using your CPU.

Occasionally, an incomplete copy of a video can get stuck in your cache and never fully download. You can re-attempt the download of the video by clearing your browser's cache. See how here.

I can hear audio, but I can’t see any video.  What’s wrong?

Occasionally, older versions of the Flash Player can cause conflicts to occur, it's best to keep your plugins up to date.

You can see if you have the latest version of Flash by going here.

If you find that you don't have the latest version, please update it here.

Why do I need Adobe Flash Player?

All video content at CBC.ca is provided in Flash video format and you will need the latest version of the Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer. Flash Player is free software that is often included with newer versions of web browsers and computer operating systems. It is regularly updated and it's recommended you have the most recent version installed (Version 10.3 or higher). You can download it free from the Adobe Flash Playerwebsite.

Can't find an answer for your question?

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