Episode 2x10 We Are Family

JAN 20 | Stories of people whose family members rallied around them during one of the toughest moments of their life.

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Episode 2x09 Lean On Me

FRI JAN 13 | Life's toughest moments become a little easier to bear when we have the love and support of someone close to us.

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Episode 2x07 Starting Over

FRI DEC 2 | Dale Curd hears stories of transformation from people who had to learn how to start all over again.

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Episode 2x06 Always on My Mind

Watch Online! | From first loves to departed parents, airport stories featuring people with whose loved ones are far in distance but always on their minds.

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Episode 2x05 Against All Odds

Dale Curd meets people at the airport whose determination and tenacity helped them reach their goals against all odds. (Episode 205)

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Episode 2x04 Family Ties

FRI NOV 11 | Incredible stories of family members who helped each other through the turbulence of life.

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Episode 2x03 Through the Fire

FRI NOV 4 | Dale Curd talks to people at Toronto’s Pearson Airport who share powerful stories of life-changing events.

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Episode 2x01 Lost and Found

FRI OCT 21 | In our season premiere, meet people who have lost something in their lives but found new joys, even in the face of major losses.

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