EPISODE | 1x01

Coming Home

Amy and Lou Fleming, and their grandfather Jack, deal with life after their mother's death while a new ranch hand, Ty Borden, comes to live and work at Heartland.

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Episode 14 First Look

Georgie’s school project on Val Stanton inspires her to take a risk with Adam. Watch Heartland this Sunday February ​14​, 201​6​ at 7pm on CBC Television!​

New Valentine’s Day episode!

Before I tell you about this week's new episode (which coincidentally falls on Valentine's Day) I want to thank all of you who watched last week's episode, which CBC broadcast on S

Heartland Memories #30

This week it's Ty and Jack having a father-son moment. What is Jack talking about?

Episode 13 First Look

Hot off the (button) press! Here is your first look at Sunday's ALL-NEW episode of Heartland, "Risky Business".

ALL-NEW episode of Heartland this Sunday on CBC

Good news, Canada; Heartland is back, with new episodes this Sunday, the following Sunday and the Sunday after that.

Heartland Memories #29

This week, we are looking back at Kit and Ty and a hat. Who is Kit talking to and when did this happen?

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