Episode 1x01 Coming Home

Amy and Lou Fleming, and their grandfather Jack, deal with life after their mother's death while a new ranch hand, Ty Borden, comes to live and work at Heartland.

Episode 1x02 After The Storm

Lou sends an uncured horse back to its owner, which causes friction with Amy. Ty builds Amy a jumping ring and Jack decides to keep Ty on at Heartland.

Episode 1x03 Breaking Free

High profile horse breeder Lisa Stillman asks Amy to help her with her horse, Promise. Lou holds a Heartland Open House to help bring in business.

Episode 1x04 Taking Chances

Ben Stillman arrives at Heartland and his treatment of his horse Red angers everyone. Ashley lures Ty to Briar Ridge with a job offer.

Episode 1x05 The Best Laid Plans

Lou decides to make a promotional video for Heartland. Ty's new job at Briar Ridge isn't going as planned. Scott gets Amy to help with a wild pony.

Episode 1x06 One Trick Pony

Lou's boyfriend Carl arrives at Heartland with a couple of different proposals for Lou. His welcome, however, is both hot and cold.

Episode 1x07 Come What May

Lou isn't pleased when a neighbouring rancher brings a pregnant mare named Melody to stay at Heartland. Ty is astonished when Jack asks him to join him on a cattle roundup.

Episode 1x08 Out of the Darkness

The pressure is on when a famous race horse, Gallant Prince, is sent to Heartland to see if it can be rehabilitated.

Episode 1x09 Ghost From The Past

An old girlfriend of Ty's shows up at Heartland and stirs up trouble. Lou is reunited with Sugarfoot, Mrs. Bell's miniature horse.

Episode 1x10 Born To Run

Nick Harwell arrives to train Ben but becomes interested in buying Spartan. Mallory thinks Lou plans to re-home Copper and runs away with him, only to discover a plot to sell wild mustangs.

Episode 1x11 Thicker Than Water

Tim's visit to Heartland causes sibling rivalry between Lou and Amy. Jack takes Lisa Stillman fishing on their second date.

Episode 1x12 Rising from the Ashes

Disaster strikes when the barn erupts into flames and Jack's badly hurt getting the horses to safety.

Episode 1x13 Coming Together

Amy finds herself working with the enemy when Ashley asks for her help. Amy's also preparing Spartan for the Fall Finale while Lou decides what to do about a job offer in New York.

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