EPISODE | 7x13

Lost Highway

Amy works with a horse to help it overcome its fear of water, but sparks fly when Jack learns the horse is owned by a former flame.

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Photos and Episode Titles

Today's blog is going to be short - text-wise - but contains great content and has me fulfilling two of my promises to you Heartlanders.

Photos and how production works (Part 1)

Today I thought I'd show you a few production photos from season 9 which you've never seen before

Heartland Memories #41

Here is a memory of Amy getting kissed. By 'not-Ty'. What??? What is happening here?

The last pre-production blog post!

We have less than 100 hours until director Bruce McDonald calls out "Action" and the cameras begin rolling on season 10 of television's favourite family drama.

Heartland Memories #40

What is happening with Amy in this week's image? She is looking rather happy in the spotlight, no? Tell me what is going on here and when in the Heartland it happened.

Season 10 news!

News concerning the first two episodes of season 10 that many of you are going to want to keep track of.

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