• Amy Fleming

    Amy Fleming

    [ Amber Marshall ] This year sees Amy steadfastly supporting Ty’s professional dreams while she runs the pregnancy gamut.
  • Ty Borden

    Ty Borden

    [ Graham Wardle ] As the season opens, Ty and Amy are happily preparing for their new arrival and also find themselves working together as a team, dealing with some challenging horse problems.
  • Lou Fleming

    Lou Fleming

    [ Michelle Morgan ] The season opens with Lou at a crossroads as she tackles new challenges both professionally and personally.
  • Jack Bartlett

    Jack Bartlett

    [ Shaun Johnston ] This year finds Jack achieving a long sought-after goal.
  • Georgie Fleming Morris

    Georgie Fleming Morris

    [ Alisha Newton ] This year finds Georgie facing the ups and downs of teenage life, from a first job, to first love, to first heartbreak.
  • Tim Fleming

    Tim Fleming

    [ Chris Potter ] This year sees Tim enjoying recognition as a rodeo coach, namely through his work with a talented but challenging student.
  • Caleb Odell

    Caleb Odell

    [ Kerry James ] After a successful run on the circuit, Caleb returns to Hudson with plans for the future and he enlists Amy’s help with a tricky personal matter.
  • Lisa Stillman

    Lisa Stillman

    [ Jessica Steen ] This season sees Lisa stepping up, along with Jack, to support Amy during her pregnancy, and agreeing to act as a part-time parent to Georgie and Katie when an exciting business op