Boo! Here’s a Halloween treat: A New Heartland this Sunday!

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

I'm sure it hasn't gone unnoticed that since Heartland's Season 7 Premiere episode there have been no reruns or preemptions. That trend is continuing! Read on!

This Sunday (November 3) on a brand new episode of Heartland - One of Canada's most famous cultural institutions - the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Musical Ride is prominently featured as Amy takes on one of its riders and his horse who are having problems performing the routines the Ride is famous for.

Peter Mooney guest stars as Constable Brian Tanner and Conrad Coates plays Sergeant Ian Decker in this Sunday's special episode, which was directed by Jim Donovan, from a script by Ken Craw.

I spoke to Ken earlier today at his home in Vancouver. You may recall that Ken was a regular writer on Heartland until this year, when he left to work closer to his home and family, on a series starring Andie MacDowell called "Cedar Cove." However, he still finished this one script and hopes that you all enjoy it as much as he did writing it.

"I always wanted to showcase the Musical Ride and give it the justice it deserves. When I heard that it had been worked out between the RCMP and production that the Ride would be available to be filmed and take part in the episode I was thrilled," Ken said, adding, "It was an honour to write this script for Heartland; I can't wait to watch it."

As always, there's more going on in this episode than just the Musical Ride. Tim has left town abruptly, and Jack is in need of some help to help gather the bales of hay in the field. Ty offers to help, but that winds up leaving Scott short of manpower at the vet clinic. What's a vet to do?

And what's a grandaughter to do? Lou is very concerned that Jack may over-exert himself and she tries to make sure that doesn't happen. She is especially concerned that Jack persists in missing appointments with Dr. Virani (played by Laara Sadiq). Something is going to have to give.

Of course, when Georgie's older brother Jeff, played by Craig Arnold, makes an appearance, Georgie is thrilled, but is a little disappointed when it appears Jeff would rather spend time trying to catch Cassandra's eye. Yep, Casandra is back, played by Kaitlyn Leeb, and she is looking for work in very unusual places!

All in all, it's a full hour of entertainment, and having seen it, I'm prepared to give you the BW Guarantee that you're going to love it. Three national institutions converge for one hour this Sunday on television - The RCMP Musical Ride, Heartland, and of course the broadcaster that makes this series possible, the CBC.

Catch it at 7:00pm Sunday, November 3 right across Canada. Oh yes, 7:30pm in Newfoundland. And don't forget to come back here to at 7pm for an interactive viewing experience of the episode, with interesting tidbits about the episode, trivia, polls and videos you've never seen before during the commercial breaks! If you have an iOS device, download the app for FREE right here!!!!

Check out some images from the episode below!

There's so many great photos that I'm going to post a special blog on Monday, with more photos from "Thread the Needle," this Sunday's new episode of Heartland.

In other news, I know a few of you are aware that Heartland once again won the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) Award for Best Television Series - Family, the 5th consecutive year the series has done so. Join me in saying Wow! Congratulations to director Stefan Scaini and all the DGC members who worked on the winning episode - "Running Against the Wind." Way to go team!

A sidebar of congratulations goes to former 3rd Assistant Director Christopher Cinnamon, who won the Best Short Film Award for his film, "The Sound of Willie Nelson's Guitar," which starred none other than Heartland actors Jessica Steen and Sam Duke. Way to go, Chris!

Well, that's it for this week. Miss watching this Sunday's new episode and you will be missing a lot. It's a nice big tasty cake of an episode.

On Monday you'll see more photos from the episode, and a few extra bonus photos as well. That's all I'm writing about that.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.