Thursday, July 8 - the Heartland blog post!

Posted on Jul 8, 2010


It's very quiet on the Heartland set this week, as everything is shut down until July 12, when day 4 of episodes 405 and 406 resume filming. Most of the cast are all over the country, visiting family and friends, but they are slowly making their way back to Calgary. Click through to the blog post for info about Amber at the Calgary Stampede, and some answers to some of your questions!

As reported last week, Amber Marshall is going to be in town for the Calgary Stampede parade, which she will be co-hosting on July 9 (That would be tomorrow!) If you are lucky enough to be attending the annual event, Amber will be conducting interviews on horseback and will be traveling along the 900 block of 9th Avenue SW during the course of the morning's parade coverage (That should answer your question, Leigh!) Co-hosting with Amber will be CBC TV anchors Nirmala Naidoo and Kristina Barnes, along with Sports specialist Doug Dirks. CBC Television coverage of The Calgary Stampede Parade begins at 9:30am MT (Southern Alberta, Calgary & Lethbridge). The Calgary Stampede Parade will also be available live at 9:30am MT on CBC bold, and streamed live on

I also have some very good news for fans of Heartland in Australia and France, where complete Season 1 boxed sets will be available in the near future. Watch for them.

In other news, last week I gave you a little history lesson regarding July 1 - Canada Day. Staying on course, I thought I would let you know you that it was exactly 99 years ago today, on July 8, 1911, that the first woman to ride a horse solo across North America arrived in New York City!

Her name was Nan Aspinwall-Gable and at the age of 31 she rode 4,496 miles (7,236 km) in 180 days, starting in San Francisco, on her thoroughbred mare, Lady Ellen. Nan was also responsible for her horse's care - she even shod the mare 14 times herself!!! Not an easy feat. I'm just imagining how certain parts of me would feel after that sort of ride...

Moving right along... before I address some questions that have been asked over the past week I am obligated to keep the countdown updated by telling you (tick... tick... tick...) that we are now 11 Thursdays, or 80 sleeps until CBC broadcasts the Canadian premiere of Season 4. 80 days? That's a whole 100 days shorter than it took Nan to cross the continent on horseback!

Now that we have that addressed...

1) D├ębora asks, Hi from france!! I was wondering if any cast members speak french? (it will be easier if I want to send them a letter ;) )

Free Spirit is indeed correct when she said that Cindy Busby, who plays Ashley, is fluent in French and in English, so feel free to send her a letter in either language.

2) Damon Janzen asks, I was wondering where do u film heartland is it sorta between Calgary and Edmonton....and, how long do you have to film yet until you're done with all the episodes.

I'll answer the second part first - filming will continue until mid-December of this year. As to where Heartland is filmed, it is about 25 minutes south of Calgary. Being as Edmonton is north of Calgary I will admit the ranch is not between Alberta's two largest cities.

3) Bren Reynolds asks, I am wondering if there is a plan to release a CD of all the Heartland music? I really enjoy listening to the music that is provided on the website.

Yeah, the music is pretty good, isn't it? That's a great idea to have a CD with a lot of the songs from Heartland. I'm told it's being looked into, and - you know you've read THIS before - as soon as I know about it I'll inform you all via this blog! :)

4) MzSnowleopard asks, will we see more of Lisa Stillman (Jessica Steen) in Season 4?

Absolutely! Lisa is back for Season 4 and everyone is happy.

5) megawatt asks, Where exactly is the property where Heartland is filmed. I have read something about Millarville in the blog or the posts.

Millarville it is, but the area surrounding Millarville is quite expansive, and the ranch is located on a great many acres, not very far away as the crow flies, and a little further than that if the crow is driving a car. Am I going to give you the exact location? Sadly, no, or I would get in SO much trouble, and the producers would not let my spies in on some of the juicy tidbits I share with you!

6) Lennie McDonald asks, seniors will be in Okotoks Aug 8-11th and wondering if any of the cast will be appearing anywhere in that time frame? We absolutely love the show and never miss an episode.

Thanks for watching, Lennie. The cast will be deep into production in August and so it is not likely that any personal appearances will be made. However, nothing's written in stone, and if this changes I will let you know here on the blog as soon as I learn of the news.

7) canadian gurld:) asks, I was just wondering.....can i somehow tour amy's room on this website too :P
cause u could at the old website.

Let me look into that. At the very least I'll have some detailed (updated) photos of Amy's room in the near future. Stay tuned!

8) Ash asks, will sugarfoot come back?

Oh yes indeed Ash! Mrs. Bell's beloved horse will be returning in Season 4. I know you are going to love seeing the little guy strut his stuff.

9) To all of you seeking more information on the mystery animal... nyah, nyah! :) Sorry, but I wrote last week that I would be providing NO more clues. I said it, I meant it, I'm here to represent it!

So that's all for this week. If I didn't get around to your question it's only because I don't have a solid answer, but give me a little time and I'll have something for you as soon as I get any sort of official word.

Until next week, ponder this - if I say Season 4 premieres in 80 days, or if I say Season 4 premieres in approximately 1920 hours, which sounds shorter? Hmmmmmmm...

Tick... tick... tick...