The first blog during filming

Posted on May 15, 2014

Well now that the cameras have started rolling on season 8 of Heartland we're going to have a lot to show and report. Today I have a bunch of photos from set, showing that yes indeed, Heartlanders, production is back on. (Yes!!!!)

Today is in fact day 4 of the 15 days it will take to shoot episodes 1 and 2. The first three days started at 7:30am, and that’s just the call time to begin the blocking of the scenes. When Amber Marshall is in the first scene she has to leave her residence at 5:40am in order for her to be in the make up chair at 6:10am, to be ready for 7:30am.

Today’s work day started two and a half hours later, because later on today they need it to be close to dusk to photograph the final scenes of the day.

Just so you know how much daylight we get up here (and this will be a shock to some of our fans who live near the equator), the sun rose today at 5:47am and will set at 9:18pm.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here are the first three episodes, as well as the scriptwriters and the directors -

Episode 801: There and Back Again, sw: Heather Conkie, d: Stefan Scaini
Episode 802: The Big Red Wall, sw: David Preston, d: Stefan Scaini
Episode 803: Severed Ties, sw: Ken Craw, d: Bruce McDonald

Now I hope you follow me on Twitter because I have a ton of production tweets coming from set. I make a point of not giving away anything crucial, but there’s lots of things to learn so if you are on Twitter, please join in the fun.

Now, some great news! Sometime around May 29 CBC will announce the season premiere date for Episode 801. This will mean that our Wait For Eight will have an actual number of days we'll be able to count down towards the broadcast of the first episode of the season this fall. We've done this for the past few seasons, and it always helps pass the time, no?

Now I can only speak for Netflix Canada, but earlier this week Season 7 was made available. If you're a Netflix subscriber in Canada you can now watch every episode of Heartland ever produced.

As for Netflix USA, I've heard that an additional season will be added soon. In the meantime, if you're watching Heartland on UPtv new (to the US) episodes will be premiered starting next month and will continue right through the year. In case you weren't aware, UPtv is the only authorized broadcaster in the US (Netflix is as well, but they have to wait for UPtv to air the seasons).

So that’s it for this week, Heartlanders. Your trusty Blog Whisperer (you can call me BW) will be back with a new Time Killer on Tuesday and of course next Thursday with more fun. Enjoy these production photos, all taken by stills photographer Andrew Bako. They were all shot on Day 2 of production (Tuesday). You’ll see Graham (Ty) and Kerry (Caleb) in some of them, of course you’ll recognize Ty’s truck, loaded and ready to be transported after the scenes it was in were done, and that’s Damon Moreau, the ‘A’ camera and Steadicam operator behind the camera.

The cast and crew tell me it sure is good to be back. I bet everyone reading this will echo that sentiment; we are all certainly glad to see them back.

Until I blog again, have fun and I will remain, as always, obediently yours.