More season 8 episode titles and an update on emails to extras

Posted on Jun 5, 2014

Between an upcoming extra-packed day of filming and new episode titles and even more... I have a bunch of good things to share with you today.

Let’s start with some news on episodes 805 and 806. Now in prep, these episodes are going to be directed by Anne Wheeler (“Bye Bye Blues,” “The Color of Rain”), who'll be making her Heartland debut. She'll be directing episode 805: Diamonds and Rust, written by Leila Basen, and episode 806: Steal Away, written by Pamela Pinch.

Meanwhile, today is the 3rd day of 15 filming the second block of season 8, and director Bruce McDonald (that’s him with the hat and vest above) is having a blast directing his two episodes of Heartland.

As a lot of you know, he's directing the 125th overall episode of the series, which will make Heartland the longest running ever 100% Canadian one-hour dramatic series.

McDonald, who had directed award-winning films such as “Hard Core Logo” & “Highway 61" as well as episodes of CBC's "Cracked," says he feels honoured to be the guy at the helm of the record setting episode. Editor Jane Morrison has only seen the footage from one day of filming, but she says the footage is incredible. You’ll see Bruce’s talent at work when his two episodes air this fall on CBC Television.

Now for our American Heartlanders, yesterday saw the return of new (to the US) episodes premiering on UPtv. The Atlanta based network is the exclusive licensed broadcaster of new episodes of Heartland in the United States, and it's their intention to show a new episode every Wednesday (yesterday was the start with episode 607) for the next few months. After they finish premiering episode 618 they'll immediately follow it with episode 701 and so on.

If this keeps up they may actually catch up with CBC. If that happens, then perhaps… (Naw, it’s too early to speculate, no?)

Now I want to tell you all how floored Heartland is with the massive response from fans who wanted to be in next Tuesday’s day of Heartland production. I honestly thought it'd take two to three days to get the five to six hundred fans secured for June 10, but Gordon Imlach, the Series Publicist on the series (and yes, he is one of my spies) tells me that the cut off limit was reached in less than eight hours!!!!

So here's the bottom line: if you received a 3-attachment package (Map, Photo Release Form and Instructions) you're in. If you didn’t, then sorry - you weren't quick enough. Over two thousand people emailed in, hoping to be on the show.

For those of you attending, please make sure you read the instructions and pay attention to the “no children under four-years-of-age rule,” as well as the advice to bring sunscreen and be prepared as well for the possibility of rain.

Some fans want to know if they can bring cameras. Sure! You'll be playing a crowd at a rodeo and the last time I went to a rodeo (at the Cowtown Rodeo in Pilesgrove, New Jersey) there were lots of cameras and mobile phones in the crowd taking photos, so that'll not look out of place at all.

Rain or shine... it's going to be a blast. The show wishes to thank you ahead of time for wanting to be a part of the day, and thanks to all who sent in an email. Sorry that everyone could not be accommodated, but you never know when this might happen again!

So what else is new? If you follow Heartland on Twitter, you'll see that today was the first day on set for Victoria Pratt, who is joining the cast as Casey (You can follow her on Twitter too, right here). Victoria has been in many productions including as Shalimar Fox in the series “Mutant X.” What's she going to be doing as Casey on Heartland? I wish I knew! I guess we're going to have to wait and see, won’t we?

Well, other than showing a couple of photos of Prince Ahmed Al Sahid, played by Jade Hassoune (I suppose that means the Prince isn’t exactly staying overseas)... I don’t have a lot to add.

Oh wait. Your friendly Blog Whisperer does have something to add!!

And it's about next Tuesday’s Time Killer, which should interest a lot more fans than those who just like the puzzles. Next Tuesday the Time Killer blog is simply going to ask a question with an option of two possible answers, and for many those answers aren't what fans would want, but boy do I want to see what y’all have to contribute to the conversation when you're forced to make a choice between the two.

That'll be next Tuesday. In the meantime there's a weekend to be had, hopefully with good weather for everyone to enjoy. And of course more tweets from set, Facebook posts and other things to help while away the Wait for Eight.

I’ll be back with another blog as well next Thursday. It is, after all, what I do. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.

Now, in the comments, what kind of character do you think Victoria Pratt will be playing? Be creative! I love hearing from fans!