It’s no trick - another new episode of Heartland airs Sunday on CBC!

Posted on Nov 7, 2013

So there's some good news and some bad news... The good news is that we're racing through Heartland's 7th season non-stop, with a new episode having aired every Sunday since the season premiere. This Sunday, November 10 will mark the 6th consecutive Sunday containing a new episode of Heartland for Canadians.

The bad news is, that after this Sunday one-third of the season will have zipped by. Oh my!

Well, we always knew that there were 18 episodes, so now let's concentrate on the one you're going to be watching in three short days: Sunday on CBC-TV at 7:00pm (7:30 NT), while you have the "Heartland Companion" app open on your iOS device, or pulled up on your computer/laptop/android device here on at 7pm.

Episode 706 is titled "Now or Never" and was directed by Jim Donovan, from a script by Mark Haroun.

In it we'll see the return of the trick rider Sandra (Played by Kate Ross) and her horse Chaplin, who Amy helped in an episode two seasons ago. This time around Amy runs into Sandra at her ballet class as she enrolls a very reluctant Georgie. Sandra tells Amy that Chaplin is not quite 100% so Amy offers to help. 

Of course when Georgie sees how cool trick riding is she suddenly wants to learn the ropes. Unfortunately Lou doesn't think Georgie should be doing anything as dangerous as trick riding. I wonder how this is going to play out?

Meanwhile, Georgie's older brother Jeff (played by Craig Arnold) has purchased a cool motorcycle after seeing Ty on his Norton. Ty spends a lot of this episode talking sense to the lad, who like his sister has never had anyone he can look up to. Ty has to come to the realization that he has matured into a role model.

Now if you've seen the Episode preview on the Heartland Companion app (and why wouldn't you, it's awesome) you can watch over five minutes from the beginning of "Now or Never" and you'll see something new; the attic of the Bartlett home. Tim and Jack spend some time up there and then they discover something from their past relationship that causes old memories to surface. Sometimes you can get a second chance at something really important.

Here's an alert for those of you who enjoy shedding a tear - you'll do so in a scene in this episode and you won't see it coming!

I could go on, as I really liked this episode, but I won't, because I have learned over the years the subtle art of knowing when to keep quiet on a subject.

Instead I'll let the photos below do a bit of talking...

I'm sure a lot of you remember that fundraiser that production held at the Calgary studio on July 20. That was when the cast and crew donated their time and energy to raise money for the Town of High River, which had been devastated by the floods of late June. Well, on Tuesday of this week, Heartland returned to High River and to Maggie's Diner. The day of filming was interupted for a special presentation, as the current Mayor - Craig Snodgrass - and the past mayor - Emile Blokland - of High River accepted a cheque for $80,000, the amount raised through the fundraiser. It was a great moment in the middle of filming, and it was the perfect way to return to High River. Check out a photo below!

So that's it, except I will say that the consecutive run of episodes doesn't end this week, as the following Sunday will also bring a brand new Season 7 episode on CBC-TV for you to enjoy. To get more information on that one you'll have to wait a week.

In the meanwhile, enjoy "Now or Never," in three days. I'm pretty sure you will if you find your way to your television set on Sunday. Me? I am going to watch it again; the benefit of being the Heartland Blog Whisperer is that I get to see these episodes early. It's a perk I do so love.

Until next Thursday I remain, as always, obediently yours. :)