Are you ready for another ‘spot the differences’ Time Killer challenge?

Posted on May 27, 2014

For this Tuesday's Time Killer I'm posting the second in a series of Spot the Differences. Not unlike the first one a few weeks back, this one's simple and straight forward. And like the first one there's 8 (same as he season we are going to see in the fall) differences between the top and bottom images.

Some of you are very keen when it comes to these and I'm sure the correct answers will be posted below in the comments section by some of you before long. But I've tried to make some of the differences a little tricky, so it'll be fun to see how long before someone spots all eight differences.

Take a look below the for the challenge!

As for last week's Time Killer where if you solved the puzzle you were able to come up with the title of episode 804, congratulations to Sarah Rodenhauser, who correctly identified the title of the fourth episode as SECRETS AND LIES.

I will now list the 14 answers to the questions and will go into detail on the one most everyone had trouble with:


1) Wild Horses - Letter to use: 'S'
2) Dean - Letter to use: 'E'
3) Orchestra - Letter to use: 'C'
4) Trewin - Letter to use: 'R'
5) True - Letter to use: 'E'
6) Tigh - Letter to use: 'T'
7) The Good Witch's Wonder - Letter to use: S


1) Amy - Letter to use: 'A'
2) Norton - Letter to use: 'N'
3) London - Letter to use: 'D'


The first question was: When Heartland first airs on Sundays, what is the largest municipality you could be in to first watch it locally on CBC ahead of the rest of Canada?

Heartland airs in four of Canada's ten provinces first, at exactly the same time. The Atlantic Time Zone contains New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The Newfoundland Time Zone is one half hour ahead of the Atlantic Time Zone, but because Heartland airs at 7:30pm it airs at the same time as the three provinces in the Atlantic Time Zone.

So the question really is: What is the largest municipality in the four eastern provinces where Heartland first airs? The answer, hands down, is...

1) Halfax, Nova Scotia - Letter to use: 'L'

2) Diary of the Dead - Letter to use: 'I'
3) Ten - Letter to use: 'E'
4) Merasty - Letter to use: 'S'

Who will be the first to solve this week's Time Killer? We'll have to wait and see, won't we? :) GOOD LUCK!!!!