A new Q&A, this time with Jessica Amlee

Posted on Nov 30, 2009

Ask Jessica

Time for another installment of the Heartland Q&A, where you have the opportunity to "interview" one of the talented actors who help bring the show to life. Last week we "interrogated" Graham Wardle - I'll be posting his answers tomorrow, so stand by! If you're reading this post on the Heartland Facebook page, remember you have to come back to the original post post here on http://www.cbc.ca/heartland/content/images/oldblog/blog to ask your question, rather than the Facebook comments...so click though for more!

So, for the latest installment of the Heartland Q&A you get to interview Jessica Amlee who, as I'm sure you know, plays Mallory.

As before, in the comments leave ONE question that you'd like to ask her - it can be about acting in general, her thoughts about the show and her character, behind-the-scenes scoop, or really... whatever you want! Make sure you read the other comments to ensure your question hasn't already been asked.

I will close the comments on Thursday afternoon, December 3rd and we will pick a large selection, she'll answer them, and next week I'll post her answers.

And then we'll do it again with someone else!

So, what do you want to ask Jessica?