CBC News Inquiry Problems and Cures
The Romanow Report on Health Care Released

More cash, more accountability: On November 28, 2002 health care commissioner Roy Romanow unveiled a sweeping set of recommendations aimed at fixing Canada's ailing system. But can his report cure health care?

From November 21 to November 28, 2002, cbc.ca, CBC Radio and CBC Television joined forces to present an eight-day long look at health care: A CBC News Inquiry: Problems and Cures. The series was designed to prepare Canadians for the next stage in this crucial debate. It examined the changing nature of health care, Canada compared to the world, who has access, privatization, obstacles to change and who pays. See our story archive.

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Coverage of the released report

The Report

Highlights of the report by:

CBC Radio's Susan Lunn. [Real Audio runs 2:24]

CBC TV's Christina Lawand. [Real Video runs 2:29]

CBC News Online. Launch
text A backgrounder on the key issues in the Report, by CBC News Online. Launch

The Romanow Commission Report. Read the full report here.
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The Reaction
text Majority of online readers support Romanow's vision. Launch
audio The view from the waiting room by CBC Radio's Steve Puddicombe.
[Real Audio runs 1:46]
video What does the report do to address long waiting lists? Linda Calvert reports for CBC TV. [Real Video runs 2:56]
audio Reaction from political leaders by CBC Radio's Curt Petrovich.
[Real Audio runs 2:55]
video CBC TV's Eric Sorensen has more on key players' reaction to the report. [Real Video runs 2:30]
video Minister of Health Anne McLellan reacts to the report.
[Real Video runs 8:35]
audio Reaction from the medical community by CBC Radio's Greg Rasmussen. [Real Audio runs 2:11]
video Hospital workers react to the report. CBC TV's Maureen Taylor has their story. [Real Video runs 2:04]
video How does the report affect the front lines? CBC TV's Ioanna Roumeliotis has more on what the report said about doctors and nurses. [Real Video runs 2:58]
video ER nurses react: Newsworld Today's Nancy Wilson talks to Kathy Bates at Toronto Western and Pam Spearns at Halifax's QE Two hospital.
[Real Video runs 5:01]
video Newsworld's Kathleen Petty interviews Dr. Dana Hanson, president of the Canadian Medical Association. [Real Video runs 3:33]
audio On Sounds Like Canada with Shelagh Rogers, students and professors discuss the future of health care after the Romanow Report. [Real Audio runs 19:47]
video Home care: Seen as the wave of the future, what did it get from Romanow's report? CBC TV's Maureen Taylor reports.
[Real Video runs 3:01]
video Pharmacare: CBC TV's Norma Lee McLeod looks at the report's attempts to deal with rising drug costs. [Real Video runs 2:23]
video CBC TV's Jo Lynn Sheane reports on recommendations regarding rural care. [Real Video runs 2:00]
video CBC TV's Brian Stewart examines what the report says about who should pay. [Real Video runs 2:59]
video CBC TV's Leslie Mackinnon looks at what may happen next.
[Real Video runs 2:46]
The Health Commissioner
audio On As It Happens, Mary Lou Finley interviews Roy Romanow about his landmark report. [Real Audio runs 14:54]
video Politics host Don Newman interviews Roy Romanow on Newsworld.
[Real Video run 11:40]
News conference by Roy Romanow:
Part One [Real Video runs 8:26]
Part Two [Real Video runs 17:40]
More Stories
text Health Care Quiz: Past and present health care reports. What changed? What stayed the same? By News Online.
text Track record of past Royal commissions. Launch
audio CBC Radio's Chris Brown reports on past Royal Commissions.
[Real Audio runs 3:35]
flash Health care’s controversial history: A multimedia timeline with footage from CBC Radio and Television archives.
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From CBC Archives
CBC Archives Tommy Douglas' vision: The former CCF Premier of Saskatchewan and father of medicare explains his belief in the importance of government-funded health care. Broadcast July 22, 1962. From CBC Radio and Television Archives Web site: The Creation of Medicare.
Launch Video [Runs 1:14]

Facts & Figures

In 2001, 21.7% of those waiting for non-emergency surgery and 26.7% of those waiting for specialist services said the waiting times were not acceptable.
- Statistics Canada

For More:

The Story in Numbers:
Highlights of the week

Interactive stats in review:
Provincial Health Care
Spending Over Time

Healthcare comparisons between Canada and 14 other countries

GPs and specialists per 100,000 by province

Five-year survival rates by province for breast, prostate, and lung cancer

Total spending in Canada on healthcare, public and private

Canadians with and without access to doctors, etc.

Canadian Health and Social Transfers by Province

A comic's view:
"I asked the government for ten million dollars for research to write a joke on the health care system in Canada...they told me the money had already been allotted to another, much more amusing, health care document."
Heidi Foss
The Tell-tale Heart
A dark tale of horror, budget cuts and the fate of health care, by the acknowledged master of fantasy: Edgar Allan Romanow.
George Westerholm and Christopher Greaves

Best of the Web:

The Romanoh! A satirical look at the imminent release of the Romanow Report, in the style of Dr. Seuss. A Flash animation by ArtsCanada. Launch Flash Movie

Health care’s controversial history
: A multimedia timeline with footage from CBC Radio and Television archives.
Launch Flash Movie

Sick and Tired: A day in the life of our health care system: Step in the shoes of the people working and waiting to get better. By Web One.
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Borderline health care: How the U.S. health care plan stacks up against our own, by Web One.
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Behind the scenes: Photogallery of a day in the life of a hospital. Launch

An illustrated view: Canada's editorial cartoonists on health care reform, by News Online. Launch Gallery

Betting on health care: Are hospital lotteries a legitimate way to raise funds? By CBC Radio3. Launch Flash Movie

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