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Kids and cash

Child psychologist Melanie Barwick says as soon as kids are old enough to consciously observe their parents' spending habits, they begin to form similar impressions of the value of money. Essentially, what kids need to learn about saving money, making it grow and spending it wisely begins at home. Here are some tips on guiding your child through the money maze.

How do you teach your children the value of money? Did your parents teach you how to handle money?

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Leaving the nest

Getting your teenager ready to make that transition to post-secondary education doesn't need to be full of anxiety, indecision, procrastination, or even tears. Toronto psychologist Dr. Melanie Barwick says approaching this milestone in an orderly and organized fashion can ease parental tensions and keep teens on a charted course toward success.

How are you approaching your teen's move from high school to post-secondary life? Will it differ from your own experience?

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