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Fear of failing?

Calgary nutritionist Andrea Holwegner wonders why some people are so repelled by the idea of dietitians and the field of nutrition. Is it because the diet industry and many so-called health professionals have them believing that in order to be healthy, food must taste awful, be part of some special product or be difficult to prepare? Or could it be that they feel guilty that this is one area of their lives they value tremendously but can’t seem to figure out? Holwegner says people need to realize that you don't have to be perfect to make change.

Does the fear of failing keep you from good nutrition habits?

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The magnetic pull of the scale

Your weight is a reflection of your nutrition and exercise habits and not necessarily just a product of “calories in” versus “calories out”. Your weight is a reflection of many complex factors above and beyond your food and activity habits such as genetics, family history, age, gender, body composition, sleep habits, hormones and stress levels.

Some of these factors we can change. Others are stubborn unchangeable parts we are stuck with.

Despite that many of us appear to be slaves to the scale, groaning when it says we're at the same weight we were a week ago, despite all that hard work in the gym or the restraint at the dinner table.

What's your barometer for a healthy weight?

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Energy levels and diet

What would change in your life if you raised your energy by 10, 20, or even 30 per cent by taking a closer look at your nutrition?

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