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Gardening injuries

It's that time of year again - gardeners are invading the big box stores. But don't let their carts loaded with plants and gardening goodies intimidate you. There's a good chance the not-so-careful gardener could end up on the injured list.

All that lifting and digging can put a lot of stress on your back and other muscles. The morning after an all-day planting session will surely reveal that you have muscles you never knew you had.

Athletic therapist Russell Gunner offers these tips on avoiding gardening injuries.

Have you woken up the morning after a long day of gardening to find out you couldn't get out of bed?

Tell us your tales of gardening ouch.

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Kids and 'frienemies"

A frienemy is a "toxic" person who poses as a friend but secretly wishes you harm. Frienemies represent the push and pull between love and hate and, for most women, are something we have learned to contend with at some point or other. For school-aged girls, the lessons can be tough.

Child psychologist Melanie Barwick offered some tips on guiding parents and kids through a difficult stage.

How do you handle your child's difficult relationships with friends?

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