Back to spring

Been cooped up indoors the past few months? As winter fades to spring, Canadians will be returning to the great outdoors in droves. Certified athletic therapist Russell Gunner suggests a go-easy approach, if you've spent much of the winter a little less active than you'd prefer.

What's your strategy for getting back into spring shape?

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Ben Carter

During the spring and summer I go biking everyday. It's great exercise and I love the fresh air. I also walk where ever I need to go and play baseball or basketball from time to time.

Posted April 10, 2008 02:53 PM



Every spring I start to beat my body back into submission to re-drop that 20 or more lbs I gained over the winter.

I start by parking the car, and riding my bike virtually everywhere. Just taking it to work nets me 25 km a day. Started that this past sunday. I won't start driving the car regularly until november.

Then I start doing 20-30 min of weight training three days a week. Started that yesterday.

Then the running starts. Three days a week it's 20 minutes of stair sprints, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (with a 10 minute bike ride to and from the stairs as my warmup and cool down). That starts this morning.

Then it's my once a week 10 km run on the weekend. Probably won't start that for another week or so, not until my body starts to get used to the extra demands I'm putting on it.

At age 40, this pretty much beats the snot out of me for the first few weeks. I'm in constant pain, and tired as can be. Then a few weeks into it, something remarkable happens. I'm all of a sudden teeming with energy all day long, and feel at least a decade younger. By the time fall comes around, I've usually got my body back into the shape it was in all the time in my 20's. Just in time for winter, and end of the running and cycling, and the return to sloth. Sigh.

Posted April 15, 2008 11:55 AM

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