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The cost of child abuse

When it comes to child abuse, Halifax pediatrician Dr. Brett Taylor says there is a lot of emotion and precious little logic, in our approach. Just over two children per 100 in Canada are investigated for signs of possible child abuse or neglect each year, according to the Canadian Incidence Study published in 2005. Taylor wonders why — as a country — we're not taking action to dramatically decrease the number of children hurt.

In the United States, a study in 2001 found that child abuse and maltreatment costs as much as $258 million per day. That includes direct costs such as hospitalization, chronic health problems, increased burden on child welfare systems and indirect costs such as juvenile delinquency and adult criminality.

What do you think shoud be done to decrease incidences of child abuse?

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The magnetic pull of the scale

Your weight is a reflection of your nutrition and exercise habits and not necessarily just a product of “calories in” versus “calories out”. Your weight is a reflection of many complex factors above and beyond your food and activity habits such as genetics, family history, age, gender, body composition, sleep habits, hormones and stress levels.

Some of these factors we can change. Others are stubborn unchangeable parts we are stuck with.

Despite that many of us appear to be slaves to the scale, groaning when it says we're at the same weight we were a week ago, despite all that hard work in the gym or the restraint at the dinner table.

What's your barometer for a healthy weight?

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