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Kids and cellphones

Some people believe cellphones are a must-have gadget for children these days to help ensure their safety. Others worry about the potential health effects of wireless technology, and the the kind of mischief kids can get into when they're toting a cellphone. Would you provide a child with his or her own mobile phone?

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Disease, risk and community

It is just before midnight. The ambulance is five minutes out, carrying a four-year-old with a known history of asthma who awoke with marked respiratory distress. The ambulance personnel have reported that the child is alert but breathing 50 to 60 times per minute, working hard, and that the O2Sat (the amount of oxygen in her blood stream) is abnormally low.

The charge nurse has cleared a bed and another nurse has been pre-assigned.

Sounds like a good opening for a TV show, right? Except that, like a TV show, it's a construct, a fabrication. There really isn't much of an emergency here.

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Energy levels and diet

What would change in your life if you raised your energy by 10, 20, or even 30 per cent by taking a closer look at your nutrition?

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Winter exercise

Whatever your outdoor activity, exercising in the winter presents challenges in this country. So much so that some of us would rather spend those long winter evenings comfortably planted on the couch.

Are we better off staying indoors as the temperature drops or is there no substitute for getting out and getting the blood flowing?

What do you do to make sure you're comfortable in the winter — while steering clear of possible injuries?

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