Wet enough for ya?

Well, the rain started at around eight this morning. Which isn't bad. The weather folks had predicted it would start coming down around 10 — so maybe a two-hour head start means that nor'easter might be through a little earlier than expected.

You can only hope.

There had been rumours floating about that the Boston Athletic Association would do the unheard of and cancel the 111th running of the Boston Marathon.

"No way," race director Dave McGillivray told about 150 people who turned out for his seminar — 26.2 tips on running the Boston Marathon — on Saturday. "The race will go ahead, but it's up to the runner to decide if the conditions are too bad. If you're on the cusp, don't run."

McGillivray said it's possible there could be a delay. The start time has been moved two hours earlier this year, but the timetable for getting 24,000 runners out to the start line remains the same. If the weather remains terrible into the morning — localized flooding is possible in the predicted heavy rains — it might be tough getting everyone out to the start in Hopkinton, Mass., in time.

But McGillivray warned that if there is a delay, it won't be more than 10 or 15 minutes.

"We can't penalize all those people who got out there in time."

Earlier on Saturday, they handed out bib numbers to last year's champions. Robert Cheruiyot, Rita Jeptoo, and Ernst Van Dyk (push rim wheel chair division) all were asked about how the expected weather would affect their performance.

"The cold and the rain," said Rita Jeptoo, "is not a problem. If it is windy, it will be a problem. The times will be slower."

For mere mortals, the cold temperatures and rain will be a problem. We'll be on the course for at least hour or two longer than the elites, opening the door a little wider for hypothermia.

We keep watching and talking about the weather here in Boston. And now the forecasts — while far from ideal — seem to be taking a little pity on us. It's beginning to look a little like things may start to ease up around the time the gun goes off. And that's fine, as long as we don't get too soaked in the two hours we'll have to wait around in the athletes' village before the start.